Will you be my curly hero?

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Hello, everyone! I've been to NaturallyCurly.com before (and was actually surprised I didn't already have an account).

I believe I have 3b/3c curls.

Because of flaking issues, I currently use Head and Shoulders creamy shampoo and conditioner. I use a wide tooth, smooth plastic comb on my hair in the shower while there's conditioner in it. I usually try to detangle with my fingers first though. There are normally long breaks between washes. When I get out of the shower, I put a dime or nickle sized amount of BB's Super Gro along my little hairs (hairline all around) and then I try to smooth some into the roots, but I doubt any really ever makes it there. I then mix Infusium 23 and BB's Oil Moisterizer (I used to use Pink's, but I couldn't find it) about a dollar coin size into my palm, rub my palms together and apply through my hair. Usually I use my fingertips to spread it to my roots and then sort of fingertip brush it down to my ends. I sometimes lightly rub my ends together to use up what's left on my hands. I then air dry. I sometimes use Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz to refresh my hair the next morning and the days after a wash.

In the past I have used cocoa butter type grease, Bedhead products, Dove's Whipped Mousse, Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, and whatever mi abuela has tried (although she normally doesn't embrace the curls-- she's tricked me into treatments too many times when I was younger and has always been the one to straighten my hair with a flat iron or rollers). I used to wear my hair in a ponytail all the time as a kid. I've also dyed my hair and bleached it (the bleach was a long time ago). I haven't dyed it in over a year though and I don't plan on starting again. I'm already going gray!

I love new ideas for my hairs. I typically part it off to the side somewhere and let it expand on its own. I love hats, but I rarely wear them. On occasion, I'll smooth the front by using a thick bristled brush when I get out of the shower and tie it in a bun, or after its been out a while and I haven't gotten to wash it, I'll tie it up in a ponytail.

I'm looking for ideas and inspiration! Will you be my curly hero?


  • claudine191claudine191 Registered Users Posts: 8,221 Curl Connoisseur
    Aw! This is such a nice request!

    I wish I could assist, but alas, I am but a wavy 2, and do not know the ways of 3s. (But I didn't want such a nicely phrased post to go unanswered.)
  • MyCurlyHeroMyCurlyHero Registered Users Posts: 4
    Aw, Claudine191, you are an angel. Thank you for making me feel welcome. I really do appreciate it.

    I made another post yesterday about hair ideas if you want to check it out! It's the Renaissance one!

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