brivon a scam?

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Saw this ad on yahoo for Brivon (can't post link as newb, you can google). Very little online about it, except for their own website.

Anyone heard anything about it?

I regretfully had my hair cut a few weeks back (more so with what the "stylist" did with it than the actual cutting :sad8:) now I want it to grow out as fast as possible.

Tried hairfinity in the past which did nothing despite the expense.
I'm now on max strength biotin and Fast sulphate free shampoo/conditioner, which I think has a slight effect on growth rate.


  • BluebloodBlueblood Curl Neophyte Posts: 1,748Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    If it sounds too good to be true..
  • AshieAshie Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hey! Just ordered a free trial! First day using it. It dries in within about a half hour so have to remember that before work! Well we will see how it goes!! :)
  • dg19681dg19681 Posts: 1Registered Users
    See T&C's

    " With Brivon's 14-Day Trial Program, you will receive one full jar and you will initially be charged only a small shipping and handling fee. Your 14-day Introductory Trial Offer begins 14 days from your order date. If you are enjoying the product and loving the results 14 days from the date you place your order(order date), do nothing. Only then will your credit card be automatically charged 1 easy payment for the 1 trial jar at just £94.99."
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    I don't know whether the product works or not as I haven't even had the chance to use it. I ordered my bottle on the 29th Sept with the 14 day money back deal and I received it today - 16th October. By this time I had already been charged the £95 for the little bottle. I called them today and they said they would let me keep the bottle and refund me half the money. I am fuming as I haven't even tried the product yet and its going to cost me £48.
    Don't take the chance - it probably doesn't work anyway and I've just lost a lot of money.
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    I ordered mine 29th Sept and have yet to receive anything but yesterday money went out of my account. I have informed my bank it is fraudulent activity and will hopefully get a full refund in due course. Should have gone with my gut instinct that something wasn't right. Lesson learnt.

    Returned from work today to find my product on my doorstep - 18 days after first ordering. Items were not dispatched until 7th October a full 8 days after ordering.

    Rang customer services - what a joke!! Told them that I had only just received my order therefore I was unable to return it and cancel within the 14 days and I wished to do this now. They REFUSE to allow me to return it because it's outside the 14 days and do not offer refunds.

    I also pointed out that it was advertised as a 'free trial' and that a free trial means the item is free and then you order more if you wish. No where in the advert I responded to did it say '14 day free trial'. I repeated myself several times that as the product did not arrive they could not expect me to return it within their timeframe - they claim the order went out on 30th September. They also said any delays in shipment is not their responsibility. As a 'gesture' they said they would refund me 35% - told them it was not good enough.

    I have informed my bank of this further information and an investigation is under way. I am concerned as it will all come down to the wording of their T&C's as to whether I can get a refund or not. I do not see how, if the order did not arrive until well after the cut off date for returns, they can be allowed to refuse the return or a refund. My question is this - do they deliberately delay dispatch so this will happen?

    My advice: do NOT order from this company.
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    When I rang them I demanded to speak to a manager - they said someone would call me back - that was two days ago.
    I have since contacted the citizens advice bureau and trading standards and watchdog - can I please ask anyone else this has happened to, to do the same - this fraudulent company needs to be closed down.
    When I spoke to my bank they also said that this was not the first time they had received a call about this.
    I don't think I will get my money back though as the bank won't give it me. :-(
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    My bank said the same, they are investigating but say it's down to the T&C's as to whether they can get my money back. I emailed them and got an automatic reply but doubt I'll hear more. I was also planning on contacting Trading Standards and will, as you suggest contact Watchdog. I also got stung by their other product 'Vitahar'.

    Ensure your bank blocks them from taking any more money or even better get your card cancelled and replaced because apparently if they change their name, even just a little bit, they will be able to take money as they have your card details.

    Absolutely dispicable that these companies can get away with trading like this.
  • amikotechaamikotecha Posts: 1Registered Users
    this has just happened to my sister and she received the product 18 days after ordering it

    according to the CONSUMER CONTRACTS REGULATION which was introduced 13/06/14 when ordering online you have up to 7 days from the day the goods are received in order to cancel the order, and the product does not have to be returned to them by then but you need to notify by then

    so legally it seems they must allow a refund if you cancel within 7 days of receiving it, unless i've missed something ??
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    amikotecha wrote: »
    according to the CONSUMER CONTRACTS REGULATION which was introduced 13/06/14 when ordering online you have up to 7 days from the day the goods are received in order to cancel the order, and the product does not have to be returned to them by then but you need to notify by then

    Where can I find this information - I googled it but can't find it.

    I'm going to call the company again on monday, but I doubt I'll get throughout to anyone of importance. I will however, let the person who I do talk to know that I have contacted numerous people and that they seem to be breaking the law. The only worry I have it that it also seems they are off shore - and I'm not sure if anything can be done about that.

    I have now also filed a complaint with the police.
  • BluebloodBlueblood Curl Neophyte Posts: 1,748Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Just a little point don't tell companies like that you "think" they are breaking the law tell them they are breaking the law.

    They also don't have an address on their website which indicates they aren't based in the EU.
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    On checking my bank account this evening I have today received a full refund!

    After reading the info above regarding the Consumer Regulations I googled and found some dated December 2013 which stated customers have 14 days to cancel following receipt of goods. I screen shot them and emailed them stating that their T&Cs were in breach of these regulations and that I would take whatever action necessary to get my refund. I received an email asking for address confirmation so replied again stating dates etc and the fact that the advert I responded to was for a 'month trial completely free'. Haven't had a response but the money is back in my account.

    The advert turned up on Yahoo again today and it is definitely for a month free trial. I contacted Yahoo to inform them that the company is trading illegally and that they should run an article warning people.

    Don't give up on getting your full refunds - email constantly, let them know you won't let them get away with it.
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    Following an email received this morning it is clear that my refund has come via my bank rather than the company.

    They ignore the fact that I ordered through an ad stating 'month completely free' and continue as if it was a 14 day trial.

    They refuse to acknowledge that my order arrived well outside the 14 day trial period therefore I was unable to adhere to their T&Cs and lay the blame clearly at my feet.

    I have responded yet again and made my feelings even clearer about their shoddy business ethics and false advertising but I doubt I will get anywhere near to them accepting they are at fault.

    Due to the use of 'z' rather than 's' in their spelling of apologise I can only assume they are a U.S. company and wonder where do we stand with people like Trading Standards when it is not a EU company.

    I really hope that there aren't too many more of their victims.
  • BluebloodBlueblood Curl Neophyte Posts: 1,748Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    If there is a consumer program in your country that looks at issues like this email them and tell your story. In the UK we have things like Watchdog and Rip off Britain on TV plus newspapers that publish stories like this.

    Most people are too ashamed to admit they got scammed, but the more people who do this will help inform others things like this are clearly scams when they appear.

    On my case I knew they were dodgy due to the lack of address, postage time before payment was due and the cost.
  • Lauren112Lauren112 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Please please whatever you do, DO NOT ORDER BRIVON. I ordered it at the beginning of October and ended up waiting 3 weeks for delivery. You basically have 14 days to use the product obligation free. If your not satisfied you have to send it back, if you don't send it back after a month(not sure myself of time frame but read online that is was a month) you will get charged £94 for the bottle. I phoned them to issue the refund. I spent 20 minutes on the phone to somebody(before completely losing my temper) as rather than issuing the refund he basically refused and instead tried to convince me to try it and that it wasn't £94 like Ive read, today it's on offer for 50% off. After 20 minutes of what eventually turned into me screaming at him, he finally allowed me the return details. Asside from the fact one bottle costs that much, the service is shocking and I'm guessing your experience will be just as bad as everybody else's. By the way, did I mention they don't warn you of the charges after a month? I ended up having to cancel my card to block them. Hope I've helped!!
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Jewellgirl wrote: »
    Following an email received this morning it is clear that my refund has come via my bank rather than the company

    How did you manage to get it back from your bank. I have had no luck getting my money back yet and I keep getting emails from Brivon saying 'thank you for your email, we will be in touch shortly'.
    I'm beginning to get very stressed about all this :-(
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Can I ask everyone who has fell victim to this scam to report it to Action Fraud as they will be able to take action against the company if they have sufficient evidence from a number of people. I have done this and have a crime reference number
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    I went to my bank and reported it as fraudulent activity, they took all the details and opened an investigation. I did realise this morning though that they mentioned they might give a 'temporary credit' so now I'm not sure if this is in fact a definite refund and I will have to ring them to find out. I was also expecting paperwork to sign and have not received that yet. Your bank should investigate it if you report it as an unauthorised payment but there is no guarantee of getting your money back.

    I had yet another email this morning from Brivon stating that I could keep the product and they would issue a refund up to 50% - I have again told them I will not except less than a full refund because I ordered through an ad that said the first bottle was completely free just pay for postage therefore I should not have been charged. I also said that even if it had been on a 14 day trial the fact that the order did not arrive in time for me to return it and cancel within 14 days they should honour a refund.

    I am expecting a response in the morning. I will send as many emails as needed and I will be looking to take it further when I can get all my evidence together.
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    I received an email from yahoo as I complained to them and they sent me this link to complain about adverts - the only problem is, you have to do it via the ad, and now I can't find it. If anyone does find it please use this to complain:
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    just found another ad - clearly by the same people
    Makes me sick that people are so dishonest on this planet. KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers (12g) (UK)
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    How did you contact Yahoo as I couldn't see how because I thought I'd complain to them as well? Keep an eye out every day as the ad may well show up again. It was on Yahoo on Monday as that is how I managed to screen shot it so I have evidence that the ad says it is a free trial not a 14 day free trial.
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    Yahoo are very difficult to contact - I'm not actually sure how I managed it in the end.
    Jewellgirl, did you contact trading standards?
    I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone to Brivon again. This time they offered me a 25% refund and I can keep the product (oh how nice of them).
    Again I refused. I told them about the Customer Contracts Regulation and that by purchasing the item from them on the 15th Oct (which was when the money went out of my account) I was legally entitled to a full refund up to 14 days. They didn't care and said someone will call me back.
    I left it by telling them I would now be taking legal action as they are breaking the law.
    I don't think I'll hear from them again
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    Hi Nahla8

    I haven't been in touch with Trading Standards as yet but I will be doing in the next day or two when I have the time to put everything together.

    I have had responses from Brivon via email all of which are infuriating to say the least. It went from no refund to keep the product and we'll refund up to 50% to this morning's beauty of an offer - 50% refund and return the product!!

    I have repeated myself so much - the fact that the ad was for a month trial completely free therefore I shouldn't have been charged at all, the fact that even if it was on a 14 day trial the fact that my order arrived 18 days after ordering I was unable to adhere to their return and cancellation policy they should refund on that basis alone.

    Today I was told my order was shipped on the 29th yet when I spoke to them on the phone previously I was told it was the 30th but my despatch note says 7th October.

    In my email this morning I told them their business practice was questionable at best, dishonest and fraudulent at worst. I assured them that I would make do everything I could to make it public and so would their other victims. I also attached pictures of the advert I responded to which made no reference to a 14 day trial and had a 'customer' quote of having received her free month supply.

    I then received an email saying they had escalated it to management - although they had addressed it to a completely different person! Emailed them asking them to clarify who the email was intended for to get a response saying they were sorry for the inconvenience of the wrong addressing but it was meant in my issues - only problem was they addressed it to the same person as previously!!

    I did today receive confirmation from my bank that they have credited my account so from that point of view I am not financially down but it is now a point of principle and I am determined to get them to admit they are at fault and ensure no-one else suffers.
  • NrissaNrissa Posts: 3Registered Users
    I ordered this product and then read the terms and conditions.

    I then decided to cancel the same day and informed them off this by email since the message on their number said I could email.

    I emailed them on day one, and told them I wanted to cancel. They told me it was took late, even though I just made the order that day.

    7 days later I wrote to them and said the product had not arrived. They told ME i should be the one to contact the post office.

    The product arrive after 3 weeks and when I emailed then for the RMA number to send the product back, they told me it was too late and they had removed the money from my account because I did not cancel within 14 days. However I wrote to them requesting cancellation on the first day.

    I DO NOT recommend the product or the trial. This is a scam. I have written to them and they have yet to respond to me as to why they have taken money from my bank account despite requesting cancellation on day one.

    The whole cancel within 14days was not in the original terms and conditions, it was place in a leaflet with the product that arrived well after 14 days.

    Please be WARNED.

    They need to refund my money in full and they havent responded to my latest emails.

    HELP!!! What should I do????
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    First of all contact the Citizens Advice Bureau who will contact Trading Standards on your behalf. The more information Trading Standard have about this scam they can do something about it. Secondly send emails to Brivon informing them of the action you are taking, and state they they are breaking the law by not refunding you your money. Keep any correspondence you have including the email you sent to cancel the payment on day one. Thirdly - contact your bank asap and tell them to block this company from taking anymore money.

    The citizens advice bureau also directed me to the Information, Cancellations and Additional Charges Regulations 2013, which came into law in June this year - it basically states that everyone who purchases online is entitled to a refund regardless of what is written on the company website.

    I actually received a call back today from 'Imran' the manager, but unfortunately i missed the call and just received an answer phone message. He said he had rung to try and resolve the matter and wished me a marvellous day!!!!! He also said he would send me an email but I haven't received anything yet.

    Glad you got your money back Jewellgirl - my bank are not willing to refund me :-(
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    Have you contacted your bank and raised a disputed payment with them? The fact you have email evidence that you cancelled within 24hrs should stand you in a good position for getting your money back through them.

    I have had yet more emails today, bulk standard ones that they have repeatedly sent me and 2 that made absolutely no sense at all.

    It is clear they are never going to admit they are in the wrong especially in light of what they have done to you so I think for my own sanity I will not communicate with them further.

    I will, however, be getting in touch with trading standards as soon as possible.
  • JewellgirlJewellgirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    Nahla8, I'm sorry your bank won't refund you - have they said why?

    Surely if you tell them that your order did not arrive in time to allow you to cancel then they should acknowledge the money was taken fraudulently? Could you not write to them and explain everything in full and ask them to look at it again. Give them this website so they can see you are not their only victim. It's worth a try.

    Also make sure your bank have blocked them so they can't take any more money.
  • AnnamalAnnamal Posts: 1Registered Users
    I got trial offer. This is not a shampoo but a serum to rub into scalp 2 times a day. You can not possibly get results in limited time they allow and why offer me 9.99 trial offer then charge me 99.99 for same bottle? This wasn't told until you receive package. I followed instructions to return and got frustrated. I'm not gonna grow hair in 5 days. Since I decided that I do not like the practices of this company and do not appreciate the "secret" additional charges. I tried their way. Failed. So I got new credit card and I'll keep the bottle and may or may not see results in a month or so. But scam me. Not!!!
  • orangeunicornorangeunicorn Posts: 1Registered Users
    hiya . i just bought a free trial like half an hour ago is it too late to cancel before they send ?
  • LailaLailaLailaLaila Posts: 1Registered Users
    Firstly, many thanks to this website where people can share important subjects like this and be warned about online fraudulence.

    Everyone who bought these hair products, have soon found out we have been ripped off and have to follow long legal procedure of complains to get their money back, plus an unnecessary headache.
    Many complains have been made to yahoo to stop letting this company advertise, but they are still there continuing fraudulence.

    Please be aware that the free trail order is not free you end up paying £94.99+£4.99, simply because stated free for 14 days, while u get it posted in 18 days & can't cancel it.

    Once you click to order the free trail you actually get charged for both products, so you will be paying 2X £4.99, and even if you return it you are going to lose this many plus returning cost.
  • nahla8nahla8 Posts: 33Registered Users
    hiya . i just bought a free trial like half an hour ago is it too late to cancel before they send ?

    Contact your bank asap and make sure they block the company from taking any money from you - then send an email to the company telling them you wish to cancel the order and any further orders.

    I do hope this thread has saved some people from falling into the trap.
    I'm still hopping I'll get my money back.

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