EXTREMELY overprocessed--product recommendations??

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What products have you ladies tried and loved for really over-processed hair? The lines/products I'm interested in are:
  • Dr. Miracles
  • DooGro
  • Aphogee
  • Joico

I've been natural for about 13 years and have done a fairly good job with keeping my hair healthy so I feel the need to explain how I've let my hair get this bad...
I am addicted to color. I hate when my hair is what I call boring...aka no color. I lightened my hair for the first time about 6 years ago and about a year later, went red. I was red for a few years and eventually let all of the color/lightened hair grow out. I wanted to go red again (because my hair was VERY boring at this point) but didn't want to bleach (silly me) so I put box color after box color on thinking that it would EVENTUALLY lift high enough to pull the red I wanted. I eventually realized that wouldn't happen and decided to go ahead and bleach it. By this time, I'd decided to do a two tone. The back was only going to get a demi-perm deposit so I didn't lift it any, thinking it would be light enough to pull as vibrant as I wanted but the front would definitely need lifting. Due to a combo of a bad recipe of developer volume AND a bad tube of color (CHI neglected to pull a batch of color that was packaged in a tube that changed the chemical makeup of the color thus changing the color altogether...GRRRR!!!) my hair wound up a literal rainbow of colors--red, orange, yellow, gold, brown--it was AWFUL. The following day, the stylist used a stripper from Sally's and just put a L'oreal color on--too afraid to try another color line she was unfamiliar with (because she had never worked with CHI before). My colors wound up pulling decently enough but still weren't vibrant enough for me so roughly two months later, I decided to give it another go with a more experienced stylist who was very familiar with coloring and the lines that make the colors I wanted. She lifted my hair all over as high as it would lift (about a 7) and countered the yellow color my hair refused to give up with a blue toner or rinse (I cant remember which one she used for sure) so my hair wound up WHITE in some areas and like teal/green in others....so basically my hair has no pigment at all. The color in the back (where it wasn't so processed) pulled PERFECTLY. The color in the front pulled multiple shades again--though all closer to my desired shade of red than before, not quite right. I left it alone to grow out for another three months. I went to yet ANOTHER stylist on a recommendation from someone who actually had the red I wanted. She ONLY LIFTED THE ROOTS as we both agreed that the rest of my hair had been lifted enough already to take the color deposits. The back was to be the same, the front was to be an ombre with red on the ends. The back and the roots were perfect. The red didn't take AT ALL. SHE suggested trying to do the red again, right then. I clearly was making bad decisions so I said go for it, thinking "she's the stylist, she's not going to steer me wrong"...boy was I wrong. It still didn't pull red and now my hair is RUINED. I've grown to love the color (because in all honestly it is really dope) but ive lost all of my curls where the red was supposed to be...which was the majority of my hair. When it's wet, its straight and "mushy". When its dry its DRY and BRITTLE and breaks off. I combed through my hair over a black rug and it looked like I have a cat--I don't.

I'm curious to know what I'm supposed to do at this point. After talking to my original stylist who did my red for all those years, she strongly suggested protein and moisture. Mostly moisture. It's been 3 months since this happened and only about a month ago did I start being as proactive as I should have been being from day one...
I've been washing with Neutrogena Triple Moisture (in the orangeish tube), conditioning with GVP "Compare to Joico" Reconstructing condish mixed with Aphogee 2min Reconstructing condish, and following up with a Dr. Miracle deep condish then either Aussie 2 min Moist condish or the Neutrogena Triple Moisture condish. After I used this combo the first time I DEFINITELY noticed a difference than when using just the Neutrogena duo.

My goal is to regain length (and as fast as possible because I reeeeeeeeeally miss my curls), moisturize, and stop the breakage dead in its tracks. What have you used and liked and what do you suggest?

I considered just chopping it off but I don't think have the face/head for short hair.

SORRY SO LONG!! I like to provide as much info as possible!


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    You cannot save over processed hair that is breaking. Hair is dead and you will need to cut the damaged ends off either now or at some point in the near future. Conditioning treatments help delay it but don't stop it.

    For future reference the trick to getting your hair lots of bright colours is to dye it with permanent or semi-permanemt dye a lighter shade ONCE. (You can even bleach it ONCE.) Then use demi-permanant or wash out dyes like Manic Panic on it that contain no peroxide. These dyes fade over 6 weeks but then you can change the colour. You can do these yourself.

    I've managed to have pink, red and purple hair that way.

    Once your roots grow in only put permanent dye or bleach on the roots not all the way through your hair.
  • missduckettmissduckett Registered Users Posts: 9
    thanks blueblood! I know i can't save it, the damage has been done, I'm just looking for the best way(s) to make it more manageable until it grows out enough to start over as well as products that help with faster growth...
  • BluebloodBlueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte
    If you want faster growth make sure you have a good diet which ensures you have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Also do some daily exercise to increase blood flow, reduce stress and help you sleep. Some people take a multi-vitamin because they feel their diets are lacking but there are no short cuts.

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