From Italy with <3

hiya curlies!
My name's Alice, and i'm from Italy.
I'm 31 and i live in Milan ^^
At the moment, my routine is:
2/3 times a week washing with john frieda's frizz ease shampoo and conditioner
1 time a week's mask with john frieda's total repair mask (due to dye damage who drove to split ends -just had a trim 1 week ago or so- and easy breakage
daylish refresh with water and coconut oil and Phyto 9 also used as leave in after washing routine.
i only detangle before and soon after the shower but i'm still struggling not to manipulate my hairs so much.
I work as a receptionist I practice rhythmic gymnastics 2/3 times a week, and so i have to wear a bun during trainings.
Tried co-washing but i felt my scalp itchy and after a pair of trials i gave up, but i'm still considering trying CWC.
As for my curl type, both me and my boyfriend agree that i'm a 3/b, after the test here on the site, but i'd like to have your advice on the matter and on everything else you curlies can teach me <3

PS i tried to post my curl's pic but didn't worked, meh

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