How Offten &How Long Should I Wear a Protective Hair Sytle ?

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Hi ! I have been natural for almost a year now & it is not working out so well for me. A year into it& I'm just finding a great product to use for my twist outs. The natural hair styles are very time consuming for me. Which I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to do it every night I hear that some people can do a twist out and wear that same twist out for 2 days for me it does not wrk like that I've tried regular twist out , flat braid twist out, braid out and they just don't last I've tried hot comb but if it rains or and hudmity of any kind I can forget it. So protective styles are my last resort. Can I wear a protective style (sew-in, braids, quick weaves) with in close time frame? EX: this past August for my birthday I had a sew in w/closure I wore that about 2-3weeks I usually wear sew-in for 2-3months but this was my 1st full sew in and I felt like I was gonna lose my edges it was extremely tight for the whole 1 & half of the 2nd week. I want godess braids but I'm afraid to get them I feel like I haven't waited long enough in between styles I'm really afraid of losing my edges because of getting these hair styles. How long should I wait to get another protective hair style after I took one down? Which protective hair styles are best? How long should I keep them up? I know this is a loooooonnnnnnggggg question thank so much for feedback! :)


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    I'm wearing a partial sew-in right now that I've had for 3 weeks. I'm taking it out after next week. I get bored really quickly with sew-ins but it had been a while so I decided to give it a try again. I've never tried a full sew-in before. What type of closure did you use for your full sew in?

    My favorite protective styles are kinky twists and box braids. There is so much versatility with these styles and I never get bored. I normally keep them for 2 months at the most. If you're concerned about your edges, I would suggest finding a good braider who knows what they are doing. Most people only wait a few weeks before getting another protective style so if your last one was in August, you should be good now. I would suggest making sure your hair is healthy, deep conditioned or do a protein treatment, and possibly doing a trim before getting another one.

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