Hello, fellow curlies!

Hey there! I've been reading this forum for a bit-- just learning the curlygirl thing and I currently look like a chia pet. :)

Seriously though, after cutting all my hair off two years ago, I'm growing it out and I want to do it right! I henna and I no-poo'd for years, but my hair is still not all it can be (I hope). One day, I hope, I will have a good hair day. A good curly/wavy hair day even.

So far I've learned that my hair hates protein (at least silk protein) and most gels; it loves never seeing any sort of towel again. It refuses to do anything a heated styling tool tells it to do, but will keep a wet set for days. I'm pretty sure it's coarse or medium-coarse, though the porosity thing is a bit confusing.

I hope to figure out all this porosity, dew point, etc hair stuff soon. Hello!

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