Adding red highlights

sierra_pdxsierra_pdx Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi! I'm thinking about adding some red highlights, or even going a strawberry blonde overall color.

My hair is / has been blonde for about 5 years or so. It was gradually lightened over the course of several years from a medium brown with reddish undertones to the current shade. My hairdresser is fabulous - he only ever colors the roots. I haven't had all over color in years, but it looks completely natural. He colors it in a way where my gray hair looks like highlights :) and the darker hair underneath looks so natural. Since the color is so well done and non-damaging, I'm concerned about changing what has worked so well.

I've only been wearing my hair curly for about 2 months after about 20 years of flat ironing, etc. It straightens very easily, but I'm re-embracing the curls.

I think the red would just look so cool, especially with the waviness. I have Irish heritage, with pale skin and blue eyes, which is such a striking combination with reddish hair.

Thoughts? My hairdresser is up for it, but I keep hesitating.


  • MissCamilleMissCamille Posts: 47Registered Users
    Strawberry blonde low lights would probably look great. You could try a semi-permanent first--- no damage or long-term commitment.

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