Getting a wash and dry at the salon

I'm a current cosmetology student. Our course is supposed to have a "Natural Hair Cultivation" course, but we're literally taught to do ONE braid, and ONE weave on that one braid. I guess they don't think it's important to learn how to cut, wash or dry natural hair. :roll:
I have straight Asian hair, so I have no personal experience handling natural hair at all. When you gals and guys go to a salon or barber shop, how do they handle your wash and dry? If you have natural curl patterns how do your stylists dry your hair, and how would you like them to handle your hair? If you do not go to a salon that specializes in natural hair, do you bring your own conditioners and oils?


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    what might be very interesting is for you to read lorraine massey's book, the curly girl (2009 edition). it should answer your questions.
    you can order on amazon, or barnes & noble, or get it in library.... it is under $10 and well worth it!

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