dealing with breakage and frizz

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breakage! its such a pain! i have 3b-3c hair and i am trying to grow it out, my goal is my waist. i know that few people with type 3 hair grow it out, and even less people with type 4 hair. i had strait hair until i was about 9, i am now 13 and my hair is pretty wild, (i still love it though).
so if you have any tricks or any products that help i would love to know about them. -thanks!
ps. i have pretty dry hair, i use tons of moisturizing conditioner and moisturizing products, it helps a bunch but i still have trouble.


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    Curly hair needs hydration more so than moisture. If you have breakage, you need to get that cut out before you start growing out your hair. 2 hydrating conditioners that I love are as I am cowash and tresemme naturals conditioners. In addition to the deva curl products. I would also suggest going to a curly stylist to cut your hair and keep it curly. Deep condition weekly to strengthen your hair and keep away from further breakage. Check out for product suggestions on what to use for your curls and what to look for in your products if you don't want to use the deva products.
  • brinichole24brinichole24 Registered Users Posts: 46
    thank you, i have been planning to get my hair cut, my split ends/breakage isn't very bad, but you are right, i should probably get that fixed before my hair gets much longer. thank you!

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