Conditioner to keep indigo from fading? Black dye after care

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I used a henna & indigo 2-step process and noticed that even after waiting 3 days before washing with conditioner only, the rinse water and my palms were tinted blue-black. The conditioner was sulfate-free & contained peppermint, tea tree, & other essential oils.

What would be safe to use to minimize it washing out and/or the black color from fading? Anything in particular I should avoid? I don't want to end up with orange strands because of the indigo washing out prematurely.
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    Well, truth be told, indigo is simply going to gradually fade. It's not permanent like henna.

    I guess you can avoid sulphates as much as possible, and so avoid all ingredients you can't remove with sulphates and that build up. Maybe a coconut oil pre-poo can reduce the amount of pigment stripped by washing the hair.

    I've used a two-step dyeing process like yours before, though, and I haven't had a second-wash water be tinted blue-black before, are you sure you just didn't rinse correctly when you washed the dye out?
    Another thing - indigo normally stays a while, I've never ended up with copper strands unless I waited three months to redye.
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    Chococat, that's how I know it's time to color again - silver roots and little glints of copper. I don't wash often either - maybe twice a week max, but it's just going to fade.
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    Oils. I have been doing two-step henna/indigo for three years. I stay away from oils for as long as I can after indigo application. I rinse the indigo out with only conditioner (no shampoo). I practice "heavy-oiling", but heavy-oiling is out of my hair maintenancefor about a month after I have done a indigo application.  Oils that I know from experience are not good to use after indigo application: Coconut, castor oil (castor oil is my favorite...hate not using I have experimented with shea nut oil, argan oil, and avocado oil....but they also don't benefit my hair the way the two I mentioned do, so I can't say that they leeched indigo or not...I think it is the acidic aspect of the oil that dictates the amount of indigo leeching (but I'm not sure). 
    Now, because I have done so many henna/indigo applications, I can use those oils and others on the ends of my hair, but not at the root where the indigo only has one application. Also, I try not to shampoo or co-wash after indigo for a long time as well-- and only shampoo the scalp, not the hair, when I do. Overall, my cleansing with anything but water is less frequent after indigo. I found that the water-only-wash techniques are beneficial to engage after indigo until the color has "cured" and settled in.
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    Great tips, @LB61

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    Thanks for your insight, @Bomega

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