Dying my Roots/Issues

jlb276jlb276 Posts: 19Registered Users

I've been experiencing some hair loss, and I'm guessing it's from doing my roots. I have grays :(. Have had them since my late 20s as I'm sure is the case with lots of curly girls. I only do them every couple of months, and I'm wondering if this is causing hair loss? Since them, my hair has also been frizzy. Yes, it could be the humidity. But when I have these days (lately all of the time), nothing seems to help.

My stylist does not think I'm losing my hair, and my dermatologist doesn't seem super concerned about it. I've seen two. One was a man, so he obviously wouldn't be worried.

I'm wondering if I should see a trichologist? Maybe overboard, but I used to love my hair. Now I hate it. Been trying to only wash it every couple of days, but it's hard when I seem to have a bad hair day everyday.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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    Perhaps a gentler method of coloring would help?

    I think that if you see something that doctors don't, you're probably the one in the right. I would pursue an appt. with a trichologist if I was very concerned.
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    Do you have scalp irritation after coloring?
    What kind of color have you been using?
    Do you color when your roots are dirty?
    What shade are you dying your hair?
    If you answer these questions maybe we can figure out a solution.
  • jlb276jlb276 Posts: 19Registered Users
    I haven't done my roots in like 3-4 months, but I don't remember having irritation.

    I've been using the l'oreal root touch up. I'm basically just using a dark brown for my roots which is the natural color of my hair. And no, I don't think my hair is dirty when doing my roots as I wash it every couple of days.

    My scalp irritation has largely subsided. My dermatologist gave a prescription shampoo for that, and I've only had to use it once or twice. She also says she does not believe my doing my roots has anything to do with my hair loss.

    Any more insight is appreciated!
  • MissCamilleMissCamille Posts: 47Registered Users
    If your scalp wasn't itchy or irritated after coloring it is probably not the dye or any type of allergic reaction. Dying makes my scalp dry, so I do my roots when they are oily and need washed. After I color they are no longer oily.

    If you continue to have problems, you could try a gentler dye since you are only depositing color.
    I hope the shampoo helps. GL

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