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So I've been trying out the Kinky Curly line, starting with their shampoo, Knot today, and trying the curling custard or using a diff gel, like HESMU or BSRHG. I feel like my hair is heavy and almost greasy. I definitely don't use too much conditioner (I use knot today as a RO but add a pea size amount as a leave in) but I feel like my hair is heavy and the gel doesn't keep its hold.

I'll say I don't mind some crunch in the beginning, because then I feel like my hair is being controlled. I almost always diffuse because I can't stand wet hair and it takes literally several hours to completely dry, and I like tons of volume.

My hair is past shoulder length (when wet, it's half down my back). I believe my hair is coarse, and I'm confused by its porosity. It's probably between 3a and 3b, depending on the area. I have TONS of hair. I do get it straightened once a month (when I get it coloured) because I haven't met anyone who can do my hair curly like me ;-) and it takes some effort to straighten my hair, so I'm not sure what that means for texture.

I guess I'm not sure what is my question, but whenever I am satisfied with a product, a few weeks later all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore. For example this summer I used LALSG and it worked great, but then it just stopped holding. And I'm not sure if it's because of the glycerine in it, because it got colder where I live. I never used to have to change anything! I used joico mousse and whatever shampoo and condish for literally ten years and I always had amazing hair. Now, since I had kids, (one is 6 and one is 2) I need way more control over my curls. I didn't lose any curls after kids but my hair was drier and needed more control, so I moved back to gel. Ugh! It gets really overwhelming and confusing.

So on to what's going on lately... I just a couple weeks ago stopped using Sebastian trilliance shampoo and condish, it's a 10 serum, and HESMU or Alberto IF gel. The washing and serum formula has been the same for several months, but I used to ONLY use BSRHG and it was amazing, but eventually my hair felt so so dry and straw like, I put it down to a protein sensitivity. I ordered kinky curly stuff (live in Canada and it's stupidly hard to get some of the products I see on this site) and I clarified and started using kinky curly. Now I'm back to feeling like I want to get back on the silicone train! Help lol! I just like a lot of hold, and I likely won't stop diffusing.

Our weather here is. Dry extreme. Freezing winters, hot dry summers, not much of fall and spring.
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    Sorry to hear about your current hair troubles. From what I can understand, you are having continuous problems finding the right combo of products to use in your hair at this time. Since the Kinky-Curly products are not providing you with the type of results that you are need, plus using their leave in and gel together makes your hair feel heavy and the gel isn't providing your curls with enough hold, then I definitely would not recommend re-buying these products anymore. Also, when it comes to using silicones, there are a fair number of curlies that do use such in their hair, while there are quite alot that don't. This has to do with personal preference and how ones hair responds to products that have silicones in them. What I would only recommend doing is to explore trying new products, whether it be within local stores in your area, or online. It may take a bit of trial and error when it comes to finding the right combo of products. Patience is definitely key when it comes to finding the right products for ones hair, whether it may be due to seasonal weather changes, hormonal changes, or due to posssibly other reasons. Just remain positive, and know that eventually you will find exactly what your curls need.
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    The Kinky Curly shampoo is for clarifying and can be drying on your hair if you use it at every wash. I would recommend getting a more gentle shampoo, something like Yes to Cucumbers which has cocamidopropyl betaine in it rather than the C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate.

    Conditioner - you need a GOOD conditioner. The Knot Today is meant for a detangling leave in, not as a full on conditioner. This doesn't have enough conditioning properties to use as a regular conditioner. '

    (Side note: if you really feel like you want to go back to silicones, cocamidopropyl betaine will wash out silicones, you don't need a sulfate for this.)

    Just sounds to me like you've dried out your hair. Also, when you take silicones away, your natural hair shows. If you had dry hair previously, and now aren't doing enough to condition it, you have a perfect storm for dry, greasy, frizzy hair.
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    I live in Canada and mousse works better for me than gel, however I'm on the west coast where it is really damp, not dry, and temperate, not extreme. Gel weighs my hair down too much.

    I use Live Clean as a leave-in. A small, watered down amount, prior to applying my mousse.
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    Thanks. Yes I'm thinking also my hair is just getting used to no more silicones, and I'm thinking I need to check out those other shampoo ideas. The KKCC does feel drying. Also I've started making my own flaxseed gel, which is kind of working!! I'm looking into things to add to the FSG for more hold and have been using agave for that. I'm still working on it but haven't used silicones for two weeks which is long for me! I'll look into a diff shampoo and conditioner though.
    3a/3b high porosity, mainly coarse, medium density
    Live in Canada- hot summers, freezing winters- dry dry dry
    As I am cleansing pudding, soultanicals deep condish, curlsmith cowash, lhdc condish 
    KCCC, curlsmith soufflé, ufdcm, mga sculpting gel 
    Scrunch with hair repear towel, then diffuse or air
    Protein- Cnpf

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