bsl to wl help!

chicabonita93chicabonita93 Posts: 18Registered Users
hey so i feel like ive been stuck at bsl for a while, anytips for getting past it?


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    Hi. :) This is a tricky stage for many people because it's a length where the hair is often crushed between your back and whatever furniture you're sitting on. For some people, this can do a number on their ends, and the hair might not seen like it gets any longer. Wearing your hair up or braided at least some of the time should help, or wearing it over your shoulder so you can't lean against it by accident. Also, sometimes at this length you'll notice the bottom few inches want different things from the rest of your hair. They might need more protein, for instance, or a heavier rinse out or leave in.
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  • chicabonita93chicabonita93 Posts: 18Registered Users
    thank you!! im really trying to cut back on the buns so much because the last like 5 years ive pretty much lived in them and i think its done more harm then good lol. lately ive been trying to wear my hair down or infrench braids to see if that might help.:)

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