2C/3A hair to pixie?

SalsaloveSalsalove Registered Users Posts: 6
Hi guys. I have really wanted a pixie cut for a long time now, but I was really scared to get one. I have 2C/3A hair, and I co-wash every so often. I wanted a straight pixie at first, xsparkage (youtuber) has a great beanie tutorial on how to straighten your hair mostly without heat, but I also wanted to embrace the curl sometimes. The longer pictures are my hair now, but I really want it to be like the other photos. Do you guys think I could pull it off? If so, do you have any tips or suggestions? Thank you!


  • Corrina777Corrina777 Registered Users Posts: 3,204 Curl Connoisseur
    I think you could :)
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    I think you could pull it off. You're face has a nice bonestructure (Don't know if I said that correctly)

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    It'd be super cute (though I actually like it now as well). I bet you'd find it pretty easy to maintain.
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  • SalsaloveSalsalove Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thank you all! I was actually thinking that it would be pretty hard to maintain though. I read a bunch of forums and sites that all said that curly pixie cuts were unmanageable, frizzy, and afro like. If anybody has any pictures or tutorials of curly pixies please post! Thanks again!
  • DonnitaMaeDonnitaMae Registered Users Posts: 22
    I'm growing out a pixie. When my hair is uber short it is below my curl line and is easy to wear straight. But with just a few inches of growth the curl is back. It is hard to keep it from looking like a football helmet. I hope to see some good growth quickly! See attached photo of curls taken today and photo of pixie last winter. Difference in length is about 2 inches. (January hair is easy to keep straight too!)
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  • SalsaloveSalsalove Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thank you so much! I was hoping I could have it about 3 inches long. I am thinking about putting gel int, then brushing it straight. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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