Journey back to curls

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My hair journey for the past like 5 or 6 years. So basically i have natural curly hair 3B and i hated my curls so at age 12 or 13 I had the keratin treatment done. By the time i was starting high school my hair was so damaged i had to cut it several times and i had lost my curls after the keratin treatment so I'm just going to show you my transitions.

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My natural hair (on the left)

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by 2010 my hair was this length which is when i started over using the flat iron
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Freshmen year i cut it super short so this was about 4 years ago
2012 sophomore year this was my curl pattern
by 2013 my hair grew out and the ombre was in style
photo 3.jpg
but the curl pattern was still messed up so i cut it again and stopped using heat I only blow dry my hair every special event
I use leave in conditioners and sulfate free shampoos such as mixed chicks products this is my curl pattern now photo (5).jpg

any other questions feel free to ask


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