Hi from France !

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Hello there ! I am a 23 years old 2b wavy curly (I think :confused2:) from France, so please excuse my typically clumsy, barbarism-loaded frenglish :lol:.
I just started cowashing, today actually :lol:, using some random organic conditioner since my Jessicurls products have yet to be delivered. I registered to share the love of naturally curly hair, and in the hope of understanding my own, which is very confusing, to say the least :thumbleft:.

When I was very little I used to be really curly. Then as I grew up, my hair straightened a lot, partly because of the products I started using I suspect, once I was done with baby shampoo and such. It also got very long, so perhaps the length weighted it down. Anyway, they remained pretty straight until I reached puberty. Now, my hair can look 2a, b, c, or even 3a depending on the products I use, the way I dry it (naturally or with a diffuser, I don't quite master the art of scrunching and plunking yet) and incidental events, such as the weather :lol:.


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    From your description, you sound more like a 2c/3 to me.

    Jessicurl worked very well for me.

    Happy to have you with us.
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    Hi Claudine191 (pretty name btw) :) ! Thanks for your nice welcome ! I swear my hair looks almost straight sometimes, sometimes mermaid-like wavy, and then OOMPFFF, almost real curls everywhere :lol:.

    Here's a pic I took yesterday, my hair not looking its waviest, but still, I quite like it like that.
    Photo du 12-09-2014 à 14.53.jpg
  • claudine191claudine191 Posts: 8,221Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Very pretty!

    I definitely think you sound 2c/3a.

    Take a look at posts by Chupie in the Type 2 section. She also has a blog.
  • HinkypunkHinkypunk Posts: 12Registered Users
    Thanks !! *runs wildly to type 2 section*

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