how do i do with all this shrinkage?

loveyourcurl123loveyourcurl123 Registered Users Posts: 7
i have 3c hair and i am only 13 years hair when its wet is only to my shoulder..but once it dries it shrinks all the way up to my ears..i cant do any half up half down styles because of this and there the ones i really want to do..I only put in a leave in and coconut oil..i rarely straighten my hair and i've never gotten a relaxer..i do my best to keep my hair moisturized...i don't what to do at this point..


  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    You can do twist or braid outs to stretch your hair. When dealing with curly hair, shrinkage is part of the game. Not much you can do about it. Those styles should help. You can also try banding your hair or a roller set too.
  • brinichole24brinichole24 Registered Users Posts: 46
    i am also 13 and my hair is 3b and 3c, i have to deal with a ton of shrinking to, when my hair is wet it is to by bra strap, but when it drys it is to my shoulders, i don't really know what to do, at least my hair is long enough for up dos, it must be really difficult finding styles for your hair, i hope you find something out.
  • JustcurlymeJustcurlyme Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hey there I am also 13 and I had the same problem as you, ( I still do ) but I did find some tips, 1: I would recommend putting your hair in a braid before going to bed this really does help, 2: only wash your hair twice a week it really doesn't need to be washed every day because you are stripping your hair of natural oils, ( when risings your hair use cold water ) 3: if you want your hair to grow longer use Jamaican castor oil it is great for hair growth, I hope this post helps,
  • nappymiminappymimi Registered Users Posts: 75
    Do two or more braids before sleeping or after washing your hair.....fluff it in d morning...keep your hair in stretched hairstyles... reduce the washing...avoid too much humectants (honey, aloe vera,glycerin) in your regimen/products.....

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