Does this sound like protein deficiency?

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Ok, so to cut a long story short, I had a hair disaster with a hair stylist which led to my very very tight ringlet curls becoming loose waves, half curly on 1 side, and almost straight on the other :(
Tbh, I could live with this, but it's the fact that my hair NEVER feels clean anymore, no matter how thoroughly I wash it. It always feels gummy and sticky underneath...when I've used a protein shampoo (TIGI elasticate) it has felt less so, but still grim.
I did a protein treatment about 6 weeks ago,which was positive as it made my hair longer (don't know even know how) then I followed it up the week after with no results.
I leave for college on Saturday, and I'm nervous to try a protein treatment before in case it goes wrong but I just HATE how dirty my hair always feels to me...I've used LUSH natural shampoos, T-Gel, Argan oil conditioning masks and I don't know whats wrong 😭😭😭😭it makes me feel so disgusting and ugly


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    A few things are missing for people to give you good answers. What was your hair dresser disaster?? Did it involve some type of chemical treatment?? What are your hair properties?? Here's a link to help you with yours Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free What protein treatment did you use?? If it was a homemade one (other then IAgirl's gelatin PT) the ingredients may not have been able to penetrate the hair shaft. What products are you using. The LUSH shampoos usually have SLS, so you're probably removing most ingredients (and oils)--but maybe you're not.

    The gummy, sticky hair could be a need for protein.
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    I'm going off of vague information here, but I would try a clarifying shampoo and see if that helps to start your hair over. The one I love is Neutrogena Anti-Residue, and a lot of other people here like the Suave clarifying shampoo.
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    Can't help you unless you tell us what went wrong

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