Using a conditioner with Sodium Chloride

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    Sea salt wave sprays can dry out your hair. I don't use them, but I saw the advice in a fashion magazine. It said to limit your use if you are prone to dryness.
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    I used to use the sea salt sprays, before embracing the curly girl method (started in Feb 2014). I started using them in the spring of 2013 at the suggestion of my Daughter. I adored the curls they gave my hair. However, by Winter, my hair was a pitiful dry and breaking mess. :-( Having a naturally high porosity factor, combined with baby fine texture, the salt proved to be extremely damaging. I guess you could say it was a Blessing in disguise...I never would have realized the curl potential my hair had without them. I just recently cut the last of the damage off.
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    I have added epsom salt on my FSG but not in a conditioner. Based on my knowledge I think it could be ok as washing one but not as RO or LI. But.sometimes the.formulation makes the difference.

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