healthy diet vs hair growth

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hello everyone im coming to you guys with a bit of a hair emergency Last night I was trying to deep condition my hair and noticed it was falling out in clumps and I just couldnt understand why. I keep my hair in protective styles so theres no manipulation I keep it moisturized when it seems dry I deep condition in between protective styles I trim when i see split ends or single strand knots (which i cant seem to get rid of) I detangle with my fingers I try hair to take care of my hair. But what I dont do is eat healthy no water nothing green i love soda i love chips pizza etc, i want to know can my diet really be causing this hair loss? and how do I began to eat healthy foods when i live on campus all you see is fried foods? I just want to be able to do my hair and not walk a way with a hand full of hair because yesterday was not the first time it was just the most hair i've seen and it freaked me out
please write suggestions
solutions or any ideas you may have


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    Yes poor diet can cause hair loss.

    For healthy hair you need to have sufficient vitamins and minerals.

    I would suggest you modify your diet (google Harvard healthy eating plate to see what you should be eating) then go to a doctor for a full health check up plus tests.

    Don't take vitamin and mineral supplements indiscriminately as you can actually take the wrong ones in wrong amounts.

    For example one that is well-known and targeted at hair growth contains too much vitamin A. Most women with hair growth issues have problems with iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. However to know the level you should supplement if necessary you need blood tests results.

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