How to explain to the stylist the color blonde I want?

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I got a stylist referral from a blonde girl a while back. Her hair looked great at the time, the color was awesome. Now her color is more of a yellow/golden color which I don't like. It looks more like the stylist's color instead of what she had before. She's been going to the same stylist the whole time.

The first time I saw the stylist for a consult I insisted over and over that I would like her to do the same thing for me that she does on that girl's hair but I didn't make it clear what specifically I wanted so she probably assumed I wanted the color she has now, the yellow/golden color. She said it wouldn't look good on me. Of course, the first time I walked in with no makeup so no it wouldn't with no makeup on. But I'm not wanting that shade anyway.

The next time I came in for a style and trim (which looked awesome) and with more questions about the color. I said I know how she said it wouldn't look good on me but I'm really wanting the shade she had around last winter and I showed her a picture of the girl which I felt very awkward doing. I asked if she remembered the shade she used on her then. She then told me she just uses bleach/bleach powder (what is bleach powder?) on her. I asked her if she's using color at all like blonde dye. And she said no, she sometimes tones it but no.

I'm VERY confused and I don't know how to portray what I want without bringing up lots of pictures of this girl to compare which would be very awkward considering we are just acquaintances and not friends. I know that lighting and the camera and stuff will make blonde hair look different but there is a distinct difference in her hair from how it was then (very natural looking) and how it is now (yellow/golden). I just don't know how to portray what I want without looking like a freak. Any ideas?


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    It's not just your makeup that determines whether a hair colour will suit you it's your underlying skin tone i.e. red, yellow. Make up isn't suppose to change this and if it does you are wearing far too much.l make up.

    Also unless you are clear the other woman you saw has the same skin tone and other colouring as you then neither the first or second blonde will work.

    I suggest you ask the stylist what shades will work for you and explain you want a whiter colour rather than a more yellow colour. There are women who shouldn't go White blonde as they look dreadful.
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    You also need to maintain platinum hair or it will yellow. You need to use a toner or purple shampoo frequently or your blonde will be brassy.
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    I'm guessing you want a more ash blonde than a golden blonde. However, you need to figure out what is best for your coloring. As Blueblood said, the right color for you will depend on your underlying skin tone, whether it is cool or warm. What color clothes look best on you? If you look best in blue, gray, rosy pink for example you probably have a cool skin tone that will look best with ash blonde. If you look best in brown, orangey reds, olive green for example you probably have a warm skin tone and would look best with a golden blonde. It can take a while to learn how to communicate to a stylist what we're looking for. Good luck!
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    I think in such situation you should consult with an experience hair expert. Most probably a hair expert can suggest much better ideas to make such process easier for you.

    Anyway I hope you'll soon find courage to consult with an expert. Thanks.

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