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I think I have 3B hair...not sure. I have soooo much hair, and can't seem to calm it down! I attached a picture so you can see my curls when they are super frozen with gel. I think that I need a new haircut to prevent my hair from becoming too puff. Throughout the day, as my hair dries, my hair keeps growing and growing until I just tie it up. What you think I should do? I've tried the no shampoo method & my scalp was too itchy. Do you have any ideas on products to try or a haircut name for me to consider?


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    There are a number of hair care methods which don't use shampoo. It would be helpful to know specifically which one you tried.

    I've personally found the Curly Girl method made all the difference for me. If that's the one you think you tried, did you actually go by the book Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here), or did you go by some description of it? IME, without the book, many people think they're following CG, but don't have the particulars right.

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    Thanks for providing a picture of your curls. Now, from what I can see, yes, you do have Type 3b curls. And, your curls do look relatively healthy as well. In the picture provided, it doesn't look wild at all, instead your curls look very tamed and nice. Now, if your ends need trimming at this time, then that is totally fine for you to get such trimmed off at this time. But, honestly, I do not see where you need to get a hair cut, only unless you feel that you really need one.

    One thing that may be the cause of your hair expanding throughout the day, could be due to the climate where you are living at. If it is very hot and humid where your at, that can contribute to your hair expanding and also it possibly becoming frizzy as well. If that us the case, then maybe you would need to use a styling product in your hair, that provides greater hold to it. If weather where your at us not on the hot and humid side, and with the current products your using in your hair, you can't keep your curls looking tamed all day, then certainly I would recommend switching up what you use to style your hair with. As, there are alot of styling product options on the market today. In order to find out which one will work best for your hair and its individual needs, you will need to explore trying new stylers until you find one that totally agrees with your curls at this time.

    Also, it is totally up to you whether you want to use products that are CG friendly only in your hair or not. As, some people find that using the CG method works best for their curls, while there are others that the CG Method doesn't work the best for their curls at all. The best thing that you can do when it comes to trying new products is to see how your hair exactly responds to each and every one. You are to take special note as to how your hair reacts to a new product, from the time that that you apply it to your hair, and throughout the entire time its in your hair. This will allow for you to know whether the product is truly a keeper or not. And, if if its not a keeper, don't waste time continuing to use it, or trying to make it work. Simply move on to something else, okay.

    Hope this info helps!
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