New to the this- Looking to better care for the hair <3

Hey everyone,

I am not only new to this site but new to forum type stuff period. I have been trying to stay natural for awhile now but have not been able to successfully without straightening my hair. I have type 3B dyed red below bra length hair when straight and I want to stop straightening it and stay naturally curly. I love my curly hair but it gets so frizzy instantly unless I load it with gel and gel makes it hard and dadrufffy. I want to be able to enjoy my curly fro without it looking like a had a balloon rubbed all over it and dry and brittle. I also want to grow out my hair to bra lower back length curly and I know it has the potential because I have grown it out lower back length when straight but never curly. Any Tips??? :dontknow:


  • eve_reve_r Registered Users Posts: 3 Curl Neophyte
    I'm also new to this style of communication. Your hair sounds just like mine! Hopefully, we can get some help.
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    I'm assuming the dandruffy look is from product flaking off (it's not from your scalp, right?). If so, then you should probably try a different gel. Some can cause a white flaking effect, but not all. Experimenting with gels would probably solve some of your problems.

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