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Hello. I have 3C/4A hair that is very coarse and dry. Right now I use water, Clear Ice Ultra Hold gel, and occasionally Nizorol shampoo. I'll post pictures whenever the website allows me to.

Right now my routine is to rinse my hair, towel dry it, and throw a decent amount of gel in it. I know this isn't a great routine but choosing from the huge variety of expensive hair products is a bit overwhelming, and my current routine gives me the best combination of volume and definition that I've been able to achieve thus far.

I live in southeast Ohio and the summers are very humid. I have somewhat porous hair that reacts poorly to eco-styler gel. So far olive oil is the only product that actually makes my hair feel better. Does anyone know of any other good products or routines for me that won't leave my hair greasy or matted down?


  • C0deMonkeyC0deMonkey Registered Users Posts: 7
  • C0deMonkeyC0deMonkey Registered Users Posts: 7
  • C0deMonkeyC0deMonkey Registered Users Posts: 7
    With product:

    No product that day
  • hcole98hcole98 Registered Users Posts: 15
    Your hair looks more like a 3b/3c but it needs is a little TLC...All you need is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Curling Gel Souffle Lemme post a picture of what it looks like.
  • hcole98hcole98 Registered Users Posts: 15
  • hcole98hcole98 Registered Users Posts: 15
  • ConfusedGeniusConfusedGenius Registered Users Posts: 9
    Hey how did you post pictures? It says my account has to be activated to let me do that.
  • curlyprincess1curlyprincess1 Registered Users Posts: 468
    Oh, my, you have amazing curls!
    It's not easy being a princess, but hey, if the crown fits.
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    I love your hair! I wish I had 3c curls. Anyways, I agree with hcole98. Your hair in the picture without product looks a bit dry. Maybe try to find a conditioner? I can't really recommend one right now, but maybe someone else can.

    Current Products:

    • Nature's Gate Biotin Shampoo
    • Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner
    • AG Recoil Curl Activator
    • AG Plastique
      + Plopping Overnight

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