School me on difussers please

I've been an air dry girl my whole life, no heat styling. I smooth in my products into wet hair, scrunch, and let my hair air dry up in a high bun to create volume and help my curls stay smooth. I've been noticing that my hair is *much* nicer when I wear the wet bun out in a hot summer day, and the hot air dries it, as opposed to sitting in the house with the wet bun.

I'm thinking that letting my hair air dry part way, and then hitting it with a difusser will get me similar results without having to be outside in the sun/heat.

Does this sound like it remotely makes sense?

What are some good difussers I don't have to spend an arm and a leg for?

Will a blow dryer on low work?

I'm so lost.
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  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,170 Curl Virtuoso
    I leave my hair to air dry for an hour or so then spend a few minutes diffusing until it's completely dry, it seems to be the only method that works for me. My hair is also better in summer (well, so long as the humidity doesn't get me!), I think it's because it dries quicker but who knows?
    I use a sock diffuser (cost me $6 I think) as I don't like putting my hair into a bowl one - if I touch it before it's dry I get the frizzies. I tried using my hairdryer on low but it was too much movement.
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    If you don't want to spend much I'd second the sock diffuser. I know some curlies on youtube with great hair that just get a very cheap, basic dryer with a diffuser attachment. I usually just diffuse, or sometimes air dry completely. But I've combined them before, and there was no problem with that. Some diffuse first and then air dry the rest of the way.
    A blow dryer on low would frizz me out. But the main thing is, regardless of how you diffuse, make sure your hair has decent hold (or enough styling product to produce decent hold)--otherwise your hair will end up a frizzy mess.

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