moisture problems any suggestions

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I chemically straightened my hair about 10 months ago and it seems like recently my hair can no longer absorb-keep moisture properly or curl. I'm not sure if over time not using enough sealing products- gel, going to long between washes etc and the chemical damage have left my hair unrepairable or if there are other product alternatives to increase moisture- restore balance. I usually do my hair every 3-4 days, and have gone 5-7 days before maybe 4-5x in the last 10 months. I have noticed that when I've gone for longer periods that the hair needed to rebound so to speak and looked and felt dry. However now the hair isn't rebounding and I feel like it might perhaps be past the point of return. When I do my hair I co wash with a variety of decent conditioners and then use mixed chicks deep conditioner before styling. The styling is basically a flax seed gel I make at home (like kinky curly) and mixed chicks leave in conditioner which usually lasts 2-4 days I blow dry on the cold setting with a defuser. I've done aphogee protein treatments every 2-3 months. I've notice after I did my last self trim (at home) a few weeks ago that my hair has become very dry even when wet and does not hold the curls. I recently did a protein treatment which did help the hair look somewhat healthier but it still seems to look dry. I'm a little worried about why my products do not seem to be working the same, and if changing the routine could cause more problems and completely kill the hair. Any suggestions on how to keep chemically treated hair from drying out?


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    I would try deep conditioning on wash day. Also, try using a hydrating conditioner to wash with of you are following the curly girl method. I'm a modified curly girl meaning I shampoo once a month. Depending in what type of curl pattern you have, (ie cork screw, s-wavy ect...) your hair needs hydration to look their best. Moisture to not be dry as well as protein.

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