I'm having a problem with getting my hair straight!

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Okay so I've barely used heat this year but I felt like straightening my hair this week. The problem is my hair comes out poofy. It just looks like I blow dried it. I don't get what's the problem. I'm using the same products as I always do! I thought my flat iron was broke so I bought a new one and it's still doing the same thing. Any tips?


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    Are you using a good heat protectant?

    Are you using products that are good for volumizing (which you don't want too much of right now)?

    Can you switch to a product that isn't for curls and also, as long as you aren't locked into c.g., definitely use something with silicones.

    A deep treatment might be the answer - without protein.

    Also, is your hair fully dry before you use the iron?

    Finally, I read this trick somewhere - if your hair is too poofy, try wrapping a silk scarf tightly around your head for 20 minutes or so. There is some kind of oil in silk (just a tiny bit) that is good for your hair and wrapping it tightly discourages poofiness.

    Good luck with this. Please let us know what works! since I think this is a common problem.
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