dry, brittle, frizzy HELP

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I've been using Deva Curl no poo and one condition for about two years now, but for the last 6 weeks or so im noticing very dry rough brittle hair, so bad even my hubby ran his fingers though my hair and noticed. I have been deep conditioning once (twice) this past week for about three weeks now, and still dry as a bone. I'm starting to wonder if it could be the Deva Curl, cause I haven't changed my product or routine, tips and advice greatly needed and appreciated thanks
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    I love the as I am line of products. My absolute favorite conditioners are: tresemme naturals conditioner to cowash and as a rinse out. It's a hydrating conditioner. Curls need hydration to thrive more so than moisture. I also use the as I am leave in conditioner. I'm on the hunt for a hydrating deep conditioner. My HG stylers are: (highest to lowest)
    Jane Cater solutions curl cream. $15
    Cantu curling custard $5
    LA looks wet look gel $2
    The curl cream and custard you can use without a leave in. But if you use the gel without a leave in, it will leave your hair dry.
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    i know what you mean about dry, frizzy hair, i struggle with it to.
    i recommended using ogx hydrating tea tree and mint or one of the other ogx brand conditioners, they work great, i also greatly recommended using some Jessie curl products, a bit expensive but they work wonders

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