has anyone tried Mane n' Tale conditioner?

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I normally search & read reviews but I'm having a hard time with the site tonight. :( my iPhone is being glitchy sadly. I'm sure there's been threads on here about this co & would love any links, I picked it up at the dollar store today after reading the ingredients & not seeing any cones. I will use the whole bottle & of course post my review at the end but would love to hear others experiences. any opinions & feedback is greatly appreciated & again sorry for what I'm sure is a dupe post about this product.


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    I did, sometime back in the 90s. It was truly awful on my hair - it left it waxy, dull and coated. But your experience might be different, plus they might have changed the formula since nearly 20 years ago anyway. I think it's either one of those products that one absolutely loves, or hates - no in between, it seems. My friend who recommended it to me RAVED about it, but she has very fine thinner hair than I do.
  • briannanicholebriannanichole Registered Users Posts: 4
    i have used it once just last year, it was horrible, it left my hair dry and limp, but it may work better on a different hair type, give it a try.
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    I tried it a long time ago. I threw it out - awful!
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    I liked it! However, my hair is highly porous & fine so it needs that extra boost of protein.
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    I tried it many years ago. I can honestly say that it is one of the worst conditioners I have ever used. This conditioner left my super dried out, tangled, and frizzy. Also, I must add that the Mane n Tail Shampoo does the exact same thing to my hair too.
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    update- so I'm halfway through the bottle now & I'm about to throw it away. my scalp is SO ITCHY I actually have a sore on the left side of my head. I'm almost 100% sure it is this product, since I haven't changed anything else in my routine. now to be fair it could be the season & weather change but all I've done is add this for 5 minutes & rinse it out after my co wash for a boost of protein since my hair is bleached. I do want to add that my hair is growing very fast though which Mane N' Tale is known for (& pretty much why I bought the conditioner lol) I can tell because my roots of course are a completely different color than the rest of my hair. I love the growth but honestly I can't take the itchy scalp. it's so embarrassing to dig away at my head at work or even just in front of my boyfriend. as far as my hair looks, it does seem to have lost some volume but I'm not noticing any more frizz than usual. I'll keep everyone updated. so far I don't think I will be repurchasing this conditioner though.
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    update- my bottle is officially empty & I will not be repurchasing. I gave it a fair chance but I don't know what it was because my hair loves protein but I had so much trouble detangling even using it with another conditioner & my hair just felt so dry & waxy. I'm disappointed because I had high hopes for this because I've heard about mane n' tale my whole life & was excited to try it. I know nothing really accelerates hair growth but my hair did seem like it grew at a faster rate using this so I will say that for it.
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    I like this and use it in my rotation. I never use the same condition twice in a row. My hair likes protein. I usually use a very moisture based leave in or conditioner after it.
  • WaveliciousWavelicious Registered Users Posts: 73
    @auntcurly really?! how many cos do you have & how does your rotation go?

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