Natural Alternatives for Cantu Shea Butter

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The last few months I've been transitioning to a "natural" lifestyle. Everything from my diet which is now 90% organic, to finding organic cotton tampons, to no longer using deodorant/antiperspirant (turns out I don't sweat unless at the gym where I end up showering afterwards), natural cleaning products etc. Anyway, I use a lot of evoo, shea butter, honey, and coconut oil and it was easy to find certified organic versions. However, I have not yet found an alternative for my shampoo and conditioner. Currently I use any sulfate free shampoo that is on sale at the store, and use Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque as a deep treatment and leave in. Is there a good alternative for this. I want something that is super thick, creamy and moisturizing. I am open to making products as long as it is cost effective.

I have type 4 hair that is normal to high porosity. I like protein, but not in my leave ins.

- Type 4 hair
- Trying CG life, again !


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    Your story is very inspiring and with organics so easily available in the market, there should be no excuse to not switch to them. But let’s face the fact - they are a little expensive on the pocket. Organic tampons - that was news for me. There are aisles full of organic shampoos. I use the range from Body shop with Shea butter residues. If you really have the time then search online for Ayurveda stuff from South Asian countries - they work very well for type 4 hairs. Lastly, till the time you are searching, switch to a baby shampoo, which is mild and surfactant free.
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    Well actually, Cantu does have their own natural hairline out now. So if you do like this product, you could still use their things, you just have to find which stores sell the natural line (walmart, walgreens, cvs, etc). But if you're trying to step away from that particular product, I'd suggest trying anything from Shea Moisture. They're organic, and they have a number of different hair products to choose from. They even have organic products for your body, such as lotions, body wash, etc. They are also inexpensive.
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    Eden body works is organic as well as as I am hair care lines.
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    For shampoo I've decided to use a castile based homemade product. I currently made my first batch and I'm using it as a shampoo/bodywash/face wash 3 in 1. I'm still in the test phase. If it's successful, I'll share the recipe 'cause it's super, super cheap to make.

    oliviamartin - Thanks for saying it's inspiring. It was just a whole bunch of things that happened at the same time that motivated me to eat organic. I am happy I made the switch. As for the cost, there is a bit of a sticker shock at first when you see the prices between convention vs organic, but I actually spend less on organic groceries and personal products now since I'm a more saavy shopper. Here is what I do:

    I set my budget for month and figure out weekly amount. I then take 10% of the money and put it in an envelope for savings. I use that money for things that I don't buy often, but when I have to replace them would take a big chunk of my budget, and also for Christmas/Easter when you buy more food.

    I then scope my pantry/fridge and see what I have. I then plan my meals (lunch & dinner) around that and make a list for things I need. I then buy my staples for breakfast and buy snack items.

    I go to my local discount grocery store. My neighbourhood has become gentrified so some organic products are available. I buy everything I can from here cause it's the cheapest. Everything else I go to Whole Foods. I try to stick to their 365 brand unless I have personal preference.

    For other things like non perishable, I search online. I live in Canada so shipping can be a pain, so I have another health conscious friend and we order together from places like Vitacost etc to save on shipping.

    Oh yeah, also if you email companies directly, they can send you coupons for organic products. It's not as readily available as for conventional products, but they do exist.

    anissafersure - I don't think Cantu's natural line is available here in Canada. I've never seen it/heard of it, and the stores you mentioned do not exist in Canada. I did see some Shea Moisture and their products were 12.99 to 13.99 for most products and 15.99 (the Cdn/Us dollar is almost par)for their deep treatments. Is that standard for Shea Moisture?

    curlicious13 - I will have to check that brand out!

    - Type 4 hair
    - Trying CG life, again !

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