As I Am Tangle Releaser Conditioner (new product) reviews?

blulightblulight Registered Users Posts: 131
Just seen it on Amazon, it's sold by Aveyou, so can be purchased directly there too, don't see it anywhere else, not on Sally's site yet, and no reviews except for one on Amazon. Has anyone tried it yet or planning? Could you please post what you think of it and how it compares to their other leave in that's been so popular? This new one is a leave in too, which is kind of strange, since they don't have a regular rinse out in their line, but now two leave ins. Maybe this can double as rinse out.
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  • greencup13greencup13 Registered Users Posts: 596
    Haven't heard about this yet. I'm curious the difference between that and the regular rinse out because it's already great at detangling.
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  • blulightblulight Registered Users Posts: 131
    Ingredients make it seem like it's pretty slippy and moisturizing, so probably would be a nice rinse out too. But description states it's to be used after a cleansing product, and then proceed to styling. No rinse out conditioner in between. I never used a leave in right after cleansing and dried hair like that, kind of interested in trying.
    3b/fine/thick/normal porosity/bsl

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