Stylers for LP?

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Hey there:

Wondering what stylers work best for everyone here. I have coarse, dense hair that tends to pouff and frizz (ESP in humid summer where I am right now). In other words, I need the control from gel and have been defaulting to Curl Junkie's Curl Queen mostly cause it holds well but I find it makes crispy stringy curls most of time or if I overdose.

It takes very little for my hair to get buildup but I think I've finally figured out I need to clarify with Elucence Volume clarifyer at least 2wice a week (I also live with extremely hard water). In any case, I cannot co-wash a d I can't wet and condish for more than one say without a shampoo of some sort. It's all a delicate balancing act of getting enough moisture for it ro control the frizz without buildup or shampooing too often.

Lately I've been using a condish I found in Greece by apivita (I LOVE the line, all organic natural ingredients with very little oils,which my hair does not like at all), too bad available more widely here. My hair also likes some amount of protein or at least doesn't reject it.

So all that to say I'm looking for a a better styler than curl queen that will give me better curl definition, less crunch and still have decent hold. I've defaulted to gels in past cause my hair doesn't seem to absorb cremes and they build up on my hair. I don't use LIs for same reason.


Oh, I'm not a fan of KCCC. And no oily products please!!!

Huge TIA.


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    As I am curling jelly. Ors curl boosting jelly. Kinky curly curling custard.
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    If your hair gets build up easily, it could be from polyquats. My fine/low porosity hair has issues with them coating my hair and being hard to remove--especially 4, 7 & 10 (CJ CQ has 4.) One of the ways that I knew I had problems is that I had frizz when wet.

    Seems that my hair prefers the more natural products. I stay away from chemicals. Don't use gels, but use what I call jelly products (gelatinous consistency without the chemicals.) Could reduce your build up issues and need to shampoo (which can be drying.) My favorites are listed in my signature.
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