Is this curl pattern 4b?

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    It's 3-something
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    He looks like a dry, undefined 3b (maybe some 3c) to me. Definitely not 4b.
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    If his hair were wet it would hang and look silky 3 something .see the curls above his ear to our right. They would wrap around a finger thus type 3.
    Type 4 hair would wrap around the cartridge in an ink pen like an ink pen's spring. 3A would wrap around your thumb if you have big hands.3b wrap around the middle finger. 3C wraps around a pinkie. The defined curls on him are near that ear.maybe wet from perspiration and they are about middle finger size thus 3b.
    If a type 4 lady's hair looks like that, she has stretched her curl pattern with a twist set or some other set. Hers will shrink closer to a pen's spring when wet , stand up and not look silky when wet. (Minor variations occur).
    He is 3b
    My husband is a 4 . This guy is not
    type 1-2c fine to medium, dry, thin hair
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    Actually some 3Bs hair don't hang down when wet at that length regardless of race mainly due to their other hair properties. They have to grow their hair longer. They get around the issue by keeping their hair short.
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