i want my old curls back

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hi, i'm 17 years old girl.
i had beautfiul curly hair but in 2013 summer,i got a haircut. it was long up to my shoulders. i was straightining my hair often before the haircut but after the haircut it started to being wavy.
after summer i stopped straightening my hair and now its long and most sections are curly (but not like old) and some places are straight so i'm very very sad for this .i want my old curls back. i want to try ouidad 12 minute conditioner but if this happened to you,too or not can you give me some advices please

and if my english is bad cause i'm from europe

so i'll wait your answers :)


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    If you have some damage from the straightener, curls won't pop back overnight, or after 1 deep conditioning treatment. For me personally, it took about 3 months for my curls to really form. Have patience and continue to care for your hair properly.
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