At Home Keratin Treatment

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I live in Florida and everytime I straighten my hair - it LAUGHS at my flat iron lol. I've used a Remington flat iron and most recently I used an Andis flat iron at 450 degrees (i know... hot right?!). So a couple months ago I picked up an at home keratin treatment from Sally Beauty Supply and my hair was straight when I flat ironed it but within that same hour it puffed up like I had just done a blow out with a blow dryer. I was upset so after waiting 4 days to wash it I didn't bother flat ironing again.

Fastforward to this weekend, I decided to give it another try and used 450 degrees of heat and everything. Again... my hair has puffed up. Not sure if it's my technique? I was a superstar at flat ironing my hair when I was relaxed and when I was transitioning with 4 inches of new growth.

I have mostly type 4a hair some 4b I think. It's relatively fine and is currently at APL length. I'm not scared of heat damage because I have yet to get it after using high heat lol. And I've been natural for almost 5 years so again... I'm not scared. I just want to know if anyone has any tips in being successful with straightening their hair at home living in a high humidity place like Florida or Houston. I haven't had (bone straight) straightened hair in almost five years lol.

I'm going to restraighten my hair tomorrow and actually use anti-humidity products (CHI silicon serum etc etc). Right now I have nothing in my hair except the protein treatment... maybe that'll make the difference?

If all else fails I'll just go to a professional...



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    I used to use them. A lot of brands don't work. especially the formaldehyde free brands and the drug store brands. They don't work at all. You need a good recommendation of a brand that works for your hair type. Look at the reviews for them on amazon, youtube or ask some ladies on here who've done them successfully with your hair type.
    type 1-2c fine to medium, dry, thin hair

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