Holy s*** shin splits batman!

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Ive been working out for months now but have not been able to really go hard like I want to because of the pain of tgese terrible shin splits. I currently run/jog on a dirt trail park for about 1-2 hours 3-4 days a week. Both shins throb and ache after each work out and usually by the 3rd day im ready to stop and rest until the following week. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to help alleviate the pain so that you could give your workouts your all?? Also, is there a way to speed up the healing process? please help!! I eat like Ive just met food for the first time so I really been to stay active. lol


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    Also, I have tried wrapping shins with elastic bandages while running and it did nothing to help. I wrapped to tight the first time and cut off blood flow to my legs. then i wrapped less tight and it was like i might as well have not wrapped at all. 😩😢😓
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    If you haven't already done so go to a specialist running shop and have them look at how you run in your shoes on a treadmill. If you are lucky they should have a camera and film you so they can go through with you on how you place your feet. You need to mention the surface you are running on to them. If your shoes don't suit the way you run then you can end up with one or more of foot, leg, ankle, knee, hip and back issues. If the shop is any good, your shoes aren't worn out and fit you they won't tell you to buy new ones. This is because they rely on your repeat custom as running stuff wears out and you telling others to go to them.

    If you change the surface you run on then you need to go back to the shop and see if you need different shoes. The shoes I run in depend on the surface and the weather. So if it's muddy and I'm running on trails I wear neutral trail shoes but if it's the ground is hard and I'm running on trails or I'm simply road running I use supportive shoes.

    You will also need to stop running completely at the moment so you can heal. In fact you will need to stop all weight bearing exercise on your lower body even in the gym.That includes classes. You are going to have to swim or cycle.Then once you are healed you need to decrease the time you are running for i.e. start with 20 minutes and build it back up again. You shouldn't increase your distance by more than 10% each week.

    Unfortunately this does mean if you have entered a race you can't run them. You are going to have to wait until you are better. The quicker you sort yourself out the quicker you will be back to racing.

    Once you do get to the point you can run for over an hour you need to make sure that you have one or two rest weeks per month. These are weeks when you decrease your mileage so for example if you do a 2 hour run one week as a long run, 2 hour the next week then the third week you should do 1.5 hours.

    Finally if you can go to see a sports physio that specialises in treating runners. They are use to dealing with shin splints and other injuries. It's best if you can get a recommendation from someone else.

    In my case I've avoided getting shin splints and most other lower limb related running injuries that because I was lucky enough to be told to where to get proper shoes when I took up running and then to seek help immediately if I had a problem. I may live in a country with free healthcare but this doesn't cover sports healthcare so I've had to pay out of my own pocket to see physios and podiatrists. Some guys I've dated in the past were left with weak ankles and other issues for years just because their doctor didn't tell them they needed physio and they couldn't get it free. They were happy to pay for it due to the restrictions and pain they were stuck with for years.
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    wow thanks so much very helpful info! I will look into that. I will be roller blading in the mean time until i buy a bike.
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    Blueblood is spot on. I had a back injury a while back and when the doctor finally approved me running again, I had the worst shin splints. I went over and over in my head what I could be doing different. Then I realized I was running and trying to lower the impact on my back which made me place my feet weird. Anyway, I began consciously thinking about my form, until it was habitual again. Also, make sure you're wearing running shoes that fit your degree of arch or flat foot.

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    hmmm some good points on the video thanks for sharing. My form may indeed be all wrong.
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    Roller blading is weight bearing.

    You are basically stuck with walking as you have to get around (but not too far), cycling (unless it hurts) and swimming. Rowing is also not weight bearing but due to how you use your legs I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you are injured.

    Basically any cardio exercise where your legs are in contact with the ground directly through your feet is weight bearing. Also doing weights is weight bearing.

    Unfortunately injuries are annoying but you have to wait them out. You should also rehabilitate them properly to help avoid them coming back.

    Btw I forgot to add apart from one injury where I tripped over all my other injuries have come from other sports.
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    I guess I will have to walk then. Our neighborhood pool is closed now since school has started for the kiddies...bummer. I think walking for an hour should be ok. The bad thing is I will be tempted to speed up in the midst of it. A friend of mine suggested I do yoga. That shouldnt be too bad I think. They have this hot yoga studio a few ways from where i stay but not too far out the way. Ive been a few times b4 in the past so I could try it out again. :mrgreen::toothy4::toothy10::toothy10:
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    Yoga would be good to do. So is Pilates. Both are a different type of fitness.
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    Until my recent issues with sciatica, shin splints were the absolute worst pain I had ever experienced. I did martial arts summer camp and we ran every morning. The morning of the last day I could barely walk. It took a good three weeks for the shin splints to heal.

    My gym has a tibia exercise machine to strengthen the shin muscles. It helped immensely.
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    Corrina777 wrote: »
    Until my recent issues with sciatica, shin splints were the absolute worst pain I had ever experienced. I did martial arts summer camp and we ran every morning. The morning of the last day I could barely walk. It took a good three weeks for the shin splints to heal.

    My gym has a tibia exercise machine to strengthen the shin muscles. It helped immensely.

    I rested for 3 weeks once myself and my shins healed. But the very first day back on the track running the pain came back again....the very fisrt day! :(
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    I feel your pain with the shin splints!

    I have tried to run on separate occasions SO many times and always end up with shin splints or some other kind of weird leg thing. It's like I'm not meant for running.

    However, I've known a lot of people who've had similar problems and have gotten different shoes or fixed their form and really worked at running that love it now. Also, it's important to be strengthening muscles too to help your body maintain and hold up for running. So you can't completely skimp on strength training (whether with body weight or weights).

    I wish you the best of luck with those dang shin splints! Get yourself some good shoes, take it easy while they get better and build up to it. You can do it!
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