Permanent Hair Color and Transitioning Hair?

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Hello everyone!

So I recently decided that I want to dye my hair!
Yayyyy! :toothy7:
With that being said, I'm still currently transitioning and have some relaxed ends. I would say about 80% natural, 20% relaxed ends.
I've read about the process and have seen people say yes it's okay while others say it's a recipe for disaster.

I know permanent would be fine but I wan't to go lighter, not darker.

Suggestions? Experiences? Advice?



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    Don't do it until your hair is completely natural.

    You could be the lucky one where dying your hair lighter will not cause the relaxed ends to break off. However you won't know until you try it and as you don't want short hair it's best to wait.

    If you don't mind the risk that you may have to cut your relaxed ends off then go ahead.

    Also even those who are 100% natural sometimes have dye jobs that cause their hair to break but having double processed hair (or parts of hair) increases the risk.
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    Strand test, strand test, strand test.
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    Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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    Thanks for the advice!
    I decided to go with semi-permanent just to be on the safe side.
    I'm coloring it today! :thumbleft: