diy anti-redness face cream

I want to make my own face cream that will fight against my skin's tenancy to get red. I was thinking of adding a little green dye to my moisturizer. Any ideas?


  • autumn_sylverautumn_sylver Posts: 3Registered Users
    Chamomile reduces redness. Maybe you could brew some chamomile tea and use it as a toner on your face.
  • yakottayakotta Posts: 40Registered Users
    Green dye like food dye? Sounds like you could go overboard pretty easy. Maybe green tea though? Japanese matcha is super green and comes in a powder form that might make it easier to blend into something. It might be a bit expensive but I think I've seen it at Costco.

    ETA: I've never actually used tea on my face so I don't know if it'll actually be good for your skin or not...