Helping to Define Wavy Hair

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I have 2c hair that I always want slightly curlier so I tried a bunch of ways to try to define the curls more. Here are a couple tips for those interested:

Layering Products.
I typically just apply an anti-frizz serum, spray in a styling spray and go let that air-dry after showering, but I find that to get the best definition and hold, adding another product into the mix helps. I find that on wavy hair, gels have the best hold, but mousses have no crunch and are lighter. Depending on your hair type, try adding one of these into the routine, and visa versa. If you use a styling cream, try adding a spray, and if you use a spray, try adding a mousse or gel. And if you use something else, maybe incorporating another type of styling product would help! Usually I spray my hair with my styling spray then take a golfball size amount of curling mousse and scrunch that into the hair.

Don't Play With It.
I know, it sounds so fun, just playing with your hair or scrunching while it's wet because it looks like it is losing some of that curl. But don't touch your hair while it is drying, all it's going to do is increase the frizz. For me, it was a matter of trusting my hair to curl on its own- just add the products, scrunch a couple times, then leave it alone. Since I still struggle with doing that :laughing6:, I usually wrap a towel around the front of my head and secure with a clip while flipping the rest of my hair back.

Plopping is amazing for wavy hair types because it adds that extra definition to make the waves really stand out. I sometimes plop after a shower, but my personal favorite is plopping my hair when it is DRY. See, I take showers at night, but early nighttime, so my hair is usually dry by the time I go to bed. I used to pineapple, but since my hair is long, the pineapple really does nothing to protect my hair because it just fall down is loopy S-shapes all around my head anyway. I tried wrapping my hair into a bun and securing with claw clip(s). I kept ending up with kind of there/kind of smashed curls. Now, I just take a long sleeve T-Shirt (that's the key, because then you can just tie the sleeves together to secure) and plop with my dry hair before I go to sleep. It's definitely not uncomfortable (it is sleeping on a T-Shirt) but it may be not the most comfortable the first or so nights. It took me about 30 minutes to get used to the feeling before I was conked out like a baby. When I woke up in the morning, I carefully undid the shirt and was left with defined, pretty, soft curls that definitely didn't look like 2nd day hair. :)

Anyway, I hoped this helped. Feel free to post your own tips for others! And remember, this works for me, but it may not work for you. Best of luck to all the other wavy/curly haired people out there! :thumbright:
Mostly 2c hair, with a little mix of 2b to the back. Not on the CG method yet, but plan on going on it ASAP.
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