Suggestions for homemade daily conditioner?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try the curly girl method, and started co-washing my hair. After a couple of weeks, my scalp was really itchy, so I decided to look into the ingredients of every conditioner I've used that makes my scalp itchy, to see if I can figure out which ingredients are causing it. I found a few common ingredients in all of them: cetrimonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol. I tried finding a conditioner that doesn't have any of these ingredients, but it's pretty much impossible, since if it doesn't have any of the alcohols, it has cetrimonium chloride. (Also, my #1 priority is that it not be tested on animals, so that limits my choices). I also have eczema, and I think that's why my scalp has been so irritated and itchy. (The itchiness has been going on for a few months, but I've tried a few different shampoos and conditioners in that time).

There might be some expensive line of shampoo and conditioner out there that doesn't have any of these ingredients, but I'm not willing to spend megabucks on them. I have long, thick hair and I go through a lot of conditioner.

At the moment, I'm kind of fed up with trying to find a conditioner that doesn't have any of these ingredients, and I'm looking for a recipe to make my own. Most of the recipes I've found are for deep conditioning treatments, and I'm looking for something lighter that I can use every time I wash my hair.


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    I was just about to write a similar thread :D I have made conditioners with recipe from here : The Long Hair Community - Simple homemade condish for CO wash

    But it doesn't work for me, because it has glycerin and as it is a humectant, my hair is really poofy. I want to find a recipe without humectants , but that it is still natural.
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    If I have time on weekends I use coconut oil to moisturize and condition my hair. I do it once a week since it would take a lot of time if you do it everyday.
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    Catnip tea can work as a conditioner (for me I can only use it once/week). Also fenugreek works well. I use it as a DT, but there is a user on here who mentioned a more practical formula for everyday use:

    If you're looking for a detangler, marshmallow root and/or slippery elm bark (two of the ingredients in KCKT) work brilliantly. I've used a homemade leave in: rosemary and chamomile tea (steeped overnight), and in cheesecloth I throw in marshmallow root powder and irish moss powder. I use conditioner beforehand, but as a leave in it gives me great moisture and clumps without weighing my hair down.

    Edit: Ah, I see you were looking for a more CO washing conditioner. If I want that sort of feel (because CO washing doesn't work for me), I use aloe vera gel mixed with glycerin (but you can leave out the glycerin). Aloe is very soothing for the skin and does a fair job of cleansing while providing moisture to the hair (if your hair likes it).

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    naturecat wrote: »
    If you're looking for a detangler, marshmallow root and/or slippery elm bark (two of the ingredients in KCKT) work brilliantly.

    My mother is Filipina and she uses Gugo bark also to our hair when we're still young.

    "Gugo (Entada Phaseoloides) when used on hair, nourishes and helps strengthen it while minimizing hair fall. The most active ingredient of Gugo are Saponins, a class of chemical compounds found in abundance in various plant species. Gugo has been reported to cure eczema, prevent dandruff, increase hair volume, strengthen hair, and prevent thinning hair. Women who regularly use gugo have reported to have thicker, smoother, and shinier hair."

    Strengthen and Protect your Hair with Gugo Bark and Rosemary - Simply Natural