3b/3c baby. Help?

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Hi all.
I've lurked here and followed NC.com for a while, but I'm now ready to reach out for help for product suggestions.

We adopted a sweet baby girl straight from birth last year. She just celebrated her 1 year birthday. She gets her curly hair from her birthmom, who is 1/2 Columbian. DD's hair is:
fine textured,
medium porisity
not very thick
curls are pencil/sharpie size when wet. Some coil, some curl.
If stretched out, it's probably 5-6" long on the top.

The back is nearly straight unless I've just done her hair. This is due to the carseat and the crib. She was also bald for several months back there and the new hair is less than 1" long and not curling much at this length.

I rarely (maybe once a month) wash her hair. Her scalp doesn't seem to produce much oil at all, so it's only when there's product build up that I feel the need to wash. And she gets really mad when her hair/head is wet. I do, however, sometimes get her hair wet (wash cloth or my hands) when she's in the tub with me.

She tolerates styling pretty well, thankfully.

Here's what we've done/been doing or have tried. I have italics the products I'm currently using or prefer.
Shampoo: Johnson & Johnson Moisturizing (no complaints with this)
Detangler: Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles Detangling Spray (not as effective as Knot Today
Detangler: Kinky Curly Knot Today. I like this product. It's a good detangler and we don't see any build-up from it

Moisturizing: DevaCurl Set It Free. This seemed to cause build-up in her hair. Haven't used it much since starting Knot Today

Styler: One & Only Argan Oil Curl Cream: Too heavy, but it was effective for curl definition
Styler: Organix Coconut Milk Mousse: I like the curl definition that I get from this initially, but the curls frizz by the end of the day
Styler: Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I really love how this styles her hair, but if I get the slightest amount near her scalp, it flakes and it doesn't just wash out. I have to scrape her scalp with a comb. So, IF I use it, I have to do it only midshaft to ends.

Refresher: Ouidad Botanical Boost Spray. Pretty effective for mornings when I don't saturate her hair in the bathtub. But it does require nearly a full saturation.
Refresher: DevaCurl Mister Right. I found this effective, but the smell is kinda offensive to me. And it really lingers in her hair.

Generally, I'm pretty happy with how her hair is doing. I figure as it gets longer, we'll have some better definition.

What I'm hoping to get suggestions for is this....
Once her hair dries, it tends to fall into her face, even if I style it backward/to the side with any of the products listed above. And now that the coils are long enough to start going below her browline, she is more bugged by them and she wants to handle them more.

So I guess I'm looking for a product that I can use, mainly in the front, by the roots that is strong enough to maintain her part throughout the day, as it dries and/or she takes a nap.



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    With my oldest when she was a baby, I used Babo shampoo and conditoner. Her hair was corkscrews and I never had to use styling products until she was 3. Her curls stayed frizz free. I would try finger curling them in the other direction maybe when wet so they curl other direction?? And can I say OMG what a cutie!!!
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    Hi! My baby brother is mixed and had 3a/3b curls that were down to his ears until my mom shaved his head when he was about 2. He’s 3 and a half now and his curls still haven’t come back becuase my mom keeps cutting his hair when it gets long (it just grows straight out now). I loved his curls and really hope they come back one day. Is that a possibility or will he have straight hair forever now? If my mom didn’t shave his head he would still have his curls and they would definitely be there for the rest of his life but I’m concerned that he’ll have straight hair now. 
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    All children grow and mature, which includes their hair.  Maybe your brother will still have curls when he gets older, but maybe not.  Cutting hair - even shaving it - won't change the curl pattern overall.  But growing up, and hormone changes will.
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