How to get curls look like that?

OhWhoIsThatOhWhoIsThat Registered Users Posts: 2
Hey, I think I have the same hair texture like him, but what did he use to make his curls look like that? Thanks for answers. Btw the guy is Jamel Debbouze


  • BluebloodBlueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte
    We get these questions all the time.

    Firstly you need to recognise unless you have the same parents as him then your chances are slim. Even then being his sibling is no guarantee your hair will be the same.

    Secondly you need to provide information about your routine including the products you use to have any hint of help into getting your unique curls to look their best.
  • ashlyndmarieashlyndmarie Registered Users Posts: 211
    You'll have to ask him what he uses.
  • sixelamysixelamy Registered Users Posts: 4,157 Curl Novice
    You can't really *make* your hair do anything it doesn't want to do. If you don't have the exact same curl pattern as him, then it's just not going to happen.

    I don't know if he does or not, but from the picture, it looks like he uses massive amounts of gel.
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  • OhWhoIsThatOhWhoIsThat Registered Users Posts: 2
    Yeah I think that he uses gel. Maybe I'll try that. Thanks for every answer.

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