Why do you love your curly hair?

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I was born with straight hair that changed and now I have 2c hair, and I am so grateful for it every day. I mean, sure it's a little crazy sometimes, and sure, I typically groan in frustration when I see my hair after I wake up, but there is something about it that makes it so... Different than straight hair. I mean, straight hair was ok, but I never felt like it was original. It wasn't unique. Everyone had straight hair, and now that I have wavy/curly hair, I feel amazing! I look in the mirror and see a girl who is finally grinning from ear to ear. Not to mention whenever a wind blows I feel like a star in a VS commercial; with my straight hair, I'd be panicking about it getting knotted.
Not to mention the people who are constantly complimenting curly hair! So many compliments :) and while the petting is a little.. well, odd, I am totally willing to deal with it for my hair!

What do you love about your curly hair?
Mostly 2c hair, with a little mix of 2b to the back. Not on the CG method yet, but plan on going on it ASAP.
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  • anonymous_153995anonymous_153995 Banned Users Posts: 271
    thanks for this post!

    I love my curly hair because there is still so much for me to learn about it. There are so many diff ways I can style it. I love the curly community. I love that no ones curls are the same as the next ones curls. Its a curly world lol! 😛
  • eveumeveum Registered Users Posts: 744 Curl Neophyte
    I love my wavy/curly hair because it's BIG, and I love big hair. :D I get complimented on my hair nearly every time I go out somewhere.

    I also used to have straight hair too! Up until about 3 years ago. Now it is a mixture of 2c on the bottom third and 2b on top. I love the change, there's just so much more to do with curly hair.

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  • jenjen182jenjen182 Registered Users Posts: 32
    I agree, there is so much more to do with curly hair! Unfortunately, my hair is quite flat on top, so I do have to play with it a bit to voluminize it. But my hair seems happier than it's every been!
    Mostly 2c hair, with a little mix of 2b to the back. Not on the CG method yet, but plan on going on it ASAP.
    SHAMPOO: Paul Mitchell Lemon Clarifying
    CONDITIONER: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth
    DEEP CONDITIONER: Organix Morrocan Oil Cream
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  • OmissOmiss Registered Users Posts: 16
    Volume. Mine has actually been thinned all my adult life, and volume is still the thing i like most, so much easier to take some volume out of my hair than it is to get some in to straight hair.
    3a BSL (usually styled to look 2 b/c).
    Fine, dry, very dense (thinned and I like it). Kinks and fairy knots.
    Allergies, fragrance issues.
    Long term hair dyer - henna and chemical dyes.
    LOC - Not CG

    Currently liking Be Unique (UK made range), Au Naturel, and Curls Unleashed bits.
  • Zoey_SabsxoxZoey_Sabsxox Registered Users Posts: 80 Curl Neophyte
    I love how my hair is super curly after I wash and after a day or so it goes down to beach waves. I get the best of both worlds like that I guess- and if I want super curly hair I use a product and it doesn't go to waves.
  • curlysophiecurlysophie Registered Users Posts: 216 Curl Neophyte
    I love my hair because it's versatile, it's different, and honestly it doesn't take a ton of work! Sure there are times when I get pretty frustrated with it, but when I do have a good hair day, I feel amazing. :mrgreen:
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  • dawnhuliodawnhulio Registered Users Posts: 4
    I've come to appreciate the multiple curl types I now see... the big Boticelli-type ones on the sides and near the nape of my neck, to the every-which-way loose curls and waves gracing the crown (and even the pretty much wavy-close-to-straight piece that hangs down from my forehead... I sweep it across my forehead and it falls back down in an effort to poke me in the eye. Oh well)!!!

    It was so easy to be frustrated over this last year while growing it out and letting it be. However, I put aside my 'should be' to 'is' and I'm a lot happier. :mrgreen:

    Keep kurly!!!
    Mix of fine 2C/3A...high-porosity (naughty flat-ironing!!!).

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    *LI - Carol's Daughter Hair Milk LI; argan oil on ends.
    *Styling - KCCC, mix of water and Carol's Daughter Refresher Spray for anything past day 1... get 4-5 days out of a washing. Score!!!
  • cachosjucachosju Registered Users Posts: 10 Curl Neophyte
    I love about my curly hair that it compliments my character :P that I don't have to wash it everyday. That it cannot be tamed unless with flat irons /straighteners so life remains interesting every day ;) :tongue5: :smile:

    I used to get really angry when some ppl told me to brush my hair. Or asked if I ever brush it. Erm. no. unless in the shower. I got CURLS, and no need for a wishmob-costume stunt.

    Hairdressers always cut off too much despite telling me how healthy they were, because they could not do long layers that much down if also framing the face. My own sister and mother advise me to chop it and convinced me too many times (I then disliked my curls till they grew back a certain length). Others however always admired them. Long and wavy/curly. Odd.
  • FeedYourHeadFeedYourHead Seattle, Land of RainRegistered Users Posts: 248 Curl Connoisseur
    Because it's one of the things I inherited from my (now dead) father.

    My hair epiphany came, after years of wearing it super-short and blow-drying it straight, while Dad was going through chemo and losing his hair. I missed his curly hair.

    I realized it didn't make sense to miss his hair and hate mine. That's when I started growing it out and letting it do its thing. We now have an understanding: I feed it the moisture it wants, and it doesn't demand its own ZIP code :)
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    Dislikes: Silicones (:thumbdown:), Hairbrushes (:eek:) and harsh detergents (:protest:)
  • OpraleOprale Registered Users Posts: 18
    I love mines because every hairstyle ever instantly becomes more fun with curly/wavy hair :P Depending on the products and styling methods I choose it can be super bouncy or it can be wavy, with volume at the top or without... It can cost as low as 10-20$ per month in hair stuff if I don't go on a rave. Tresemme conditionners survive a month sometimes more, and wichever shampoo I choose last so long it's ridiculous, I went trough 1 bottle and a half this year. FSG does a good job and if I don't DIY Tresemme's curl gel is like 8$CAD. Compared to when I straightened my hair everyday, now I can just get out of the shower, apply some leave-in, sometimes gel and just do wathever I want while it dries. I'm lazy xD

    I just feel much more compelled to do pretty stuff with my hair now that I know how to take proper care of it, and it makes me feel so girly lol.

    Also my hair shine so much more when it's curly.

    And I like to learn, and curly haircare was like a whole new universe to learn from and I learn something new almost everytime I surf on the curly side of the internet.

    + Waves and curls seems to be fashionable again, like a growing trend. So while all the straighties try hard to fake waves I can just be like '' Yeah I don't do much it's just my hair '' . Haha

    Ok I think I'm done xD Sorry for the 3km long post
  • AdrianneAdrianne Registered Users Posts: 3
    I love my curly hair because it is so fun to play with. It works so easily in so many hairstyles-(not that I'm the one whos always doing those hairstyles..)- but it stays put. Also, because it gets so many compliments. Lol, its nice to have your hair appreciated even when you didn't do much to it. I am so thankful that I have this mop of curls ;)
  • ritachatachritachatach Registered Users Posts: 8
    I had dead straight hair growing up, it couldn't hold a curl at all. When I was about 11 it started to go kinda wavy and then it got really frizzy. I hated my hair. Then when I was fourteen I feel into a really deep drpression for about a year and a half. One day I was watching Doctor Who with my brother, I saw Alex kingston and just fell in love, and finally I actually started to feel better. A few weeks later and my hair had regained a little curl, it was still really damaged. My brother and I watched Who again and Alex was on it, and she had the most fantastic curls, like really amazing. I got a haircut and started taking real care of myself and now my hair is fantastic and I get compliments on it all the time. My hair has become a kind of symbol of my health and I have never been happier.uploadfromtaptalk1452539921032.jpg
    This is a photo of me and my siblings. Im the one in the brown coat.
    And this is me outside my first thearapy session three months later.

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  • GroovyEyeGroovyEye Registered Users Posts: 52 Curl Neophyte
    Because it is different and it makes me "me". Simple as that. :)
    * 3B curls, thick/coarse, low porosity, and high density *
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  • NeroNero Registered Users Posts: 7
    - I never fret over which sulfate shampoo to buy because I know they're all the same
    -It's different than the "ideal"
    -It feels the most ME
    ~Current Routine~
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    Plop with a hair towel and air dry

    Experimenting with Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls...:confused:

    Baby #1 on the way....:binky::love3::book:
  • CatitudeBooCatitudeBoo Registered Users Posts: 590 Curl Connoisseur
    pretty simple:

    it makes me unique
    and it's MINE.
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  • Therese1Therese1 Registered Users Posts: 2,563 Curl Virtuoso
    I like my wavy hair because I feel like it is very feminine. On a more practical note, I like how my waves give my fine hair a little more volume than it would otherwise have. I also like how my hair is very versatile. Since it's wavy, I can go almost straight or really try to increase the curl.
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    Low-porosity 2a/b baby-fine hair
  • curlyannie80curlyannie80 Registered Users Posts: 334 Curl Neophyte
    I like my hair because it's unique, and I'm always asked " is that natural?!" And it's never boring lol. It has a mind of its own even though I TRY to boss it around lol.

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  • thugtomasthugtomas Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 6 Curl Neophyte
    • They are unique. Every curl is as unique as you are and that is one thing to love about curly hair. ...
    • They help you smell great. That's right; smell great. ...
    • They can help you bond. ...
    • No hairbrushes or combs required. ...
    • Healthy hair is here to stay.

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