PLEASE HELP: Texturizer disaster

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Hi Everyone,

I have a condition that required brain surgery a few years ago. They shaved my head for the surgery which was surprisingly cute and the scar was an instant icebreaker. Until last year, I was also taking a chemo drug that made my hair fall out so I never let my hair grow longer than an inch or so. Because of my condition, I can't style my hair like I used to so I wear scarves and hats or wear a headband.

Unfortunately, the headbands that work best for my very thick, High Porosity, Medium Density, 3b/c hair are too painful to wear. So when my hair hit the 2" mark and I started to resemble the Bride of Frankenstein, I did some research. I loved my natural hair look but wanted to wear a painless headband (which work best on type 1 or 2a hair types). Since money is tight, I settled on an OTC "natural" texturizer. I read the directions carefully and made sure I completed the application process in half the recommended time. I can now wear a headband but...MY HAIR IS BONE STRAIGHT - except for the section I couldn't reach which was perfect. I now look like those girls in the '90s with the frizzy over-teased Ogilvie perms.

My question is: What can I do until my hair grows out? Its a bit too hot for hats and scarves. I developed enough strength to try two strand twists, but its not attractive... Like I said, money is tight so I can't afford a professional set and maintenance. The only salon in my area to do them (w/o extensions) charges $70.

Thanks for your help.


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