Looking for a Western MASS Deva Cut Salon.

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I'm totally ready to do big chop number two. The first time I totally lucked out while I was living in Northern VT and got a totally awesome haircut in the unlikeliest of towns (see profile pic) that looked awesome as it was growing out.I had two salons to choose from and I chose the one that had an owner that use to style in LA versus the one that styled farmers' wives. I don't know that I'll have that kind of luck twice considering there are SO MANY to choose from around here!!!! Any idea where to get an excellent curly cut around here? I'd rather it be in the Pioneer Valley so I don't have to travel too far. Thanks!!!
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    Go to www.mydevacurl.com. I think under the stylist link you will be able to put in your zip code. There you will be able to find a stylist near you.

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