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Hi girls,

I've never posted on here.

I think I'm 2c/3a (I'm leaning toward 2C). I can maybe show you pictures through PM but apparently I can't images here since I am new.

I have been doing No poo for 2 years and I only use a wide-tooth comb, but to be honest it still doesn't look great. I used to have a great curly hair hair stylist, but I moved. I never diagnosed my hair type before and now that I am learning toward 2C I think a lot of things make sense.

I think my problem actually isn't any form of torture through silicones, heat etc. but in that I suck at conditioning? Is that a thing? Like the only time I have good hair days is if I force myself to condition for like 5 minutes. I guess usually I get bored before then. And then I have a cream and a gel, and without these products things just get poofy. When the wave/curls (this is why I think I'm 2C, I definitely have some curls), seem to be hydrated enough they look great.

Are there any tips for conditioning? Is that silly? I feel like I'm doing it wrong all my life. Because literally it will only look good if i squeeze some rub it into one spot, squeeze some more rub it into another spot, until I've used like 15 pumps at least. Or maybe what I really need is a leave in conditioner and my excessive conditioning is actually just compensating for how I need something to be left in? Do you have any recommendations for leave in conditioners?

Also, how do you add volume? My stylist would kind of rub parts of my scalp when it was 90% dry and it would just perk my hair right up. I feel like sometimes when I do it doesn't always help.

I've felt pretty unhappy with my hair recently. I've recently changed the conditioner (it's still silicone free), so maybe that's it. You know the actual picture of the 2C girl on the naturally curly site? I feel like my hair looked like that whenever my stylist would actually do that, but she's clearly using some sort of products. I think I'm losing the battle with the products.

Having said all of that, I wouldn't say my hair is frizzy, I would say it's poofy. Does that make sense? Like you can still see the curls underneath the poof. Maybe I'm saying I want some shine?


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    What conditioners are you using? What techniques? I'm goin gto link you to some technique videos I've made (including clipping which is what helps me with volume in the crown). Aldo I am including a link to Melissa Stites "Squish to condish" method which is fabulous. If your hair is at all dry, you probably do need a leave in, particularly in the winter. Most of us need some kind of clumping gel. It helps the frizz hairs hang in together with the clumps.

    Maybe you can put your pics on a site and put the link here? Or you can maybe p.m. me them?

    Squish to Condish - There once was a curl - by Melissa Stites
    2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
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    OK, I pm'd you photos! I appreciate it. I'm going to watch your videos. I think I need to get better at gel because there is a very fine line, I think for me, between using too much and the right amount?

    Edit: I realize in my excitement I only answered half of your question. I started using (maybe 2 months ago) this one called Ology Moisturizing Conditioner. I think what is initiating me to post here finally is I have been a very half-hearted CG. I don't Poo and I don't brush my hair (I only use a comb, and honestly I get very little tangling issues and sometimes don't use a comb every day). Why I say I'm half-hearted is that what made me switch to this conditioner is not that it's good, but that I ran out of my other one and can't find it here (it was some Redken one I used to get straight from my hairdresser). I think I was happier with the other conditioner to the point where I might buy it online.

    The cream and gel I use are both Redken and I use so little I guess I haven't run out since I moved, but I will run out. One is a sheet butter according to the bottle and then a really strong gel.

    I don't have a technique per se. I wash it and then use about a quarter size of the cream and a dime size of the gel (this is when it's wet). Like I'll get out of the shower and then pat it a little with a towel then add the products then let it air dry. That's all I do. I don't really know what I'm doing. But about 40% of the time it does end up looking really great and I'm happy.
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    This is also a really good video on technique. I am starting it for you at the conditioning part. If you use the squish to condish, you would squish squish squish, adding a little water at a time, to eventually rinse it out, adding back in conditioner as you feel necessary, during the 5 to 10 minutes she has it clipped up. You will adjust these things as they work FOR YOU but this is a good way to start.
    2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
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    I hope this isn't bad spam or something, but I just edited my last post because I realized I didn't give you a lot of info.

    OK, I think this squish thing is what I need to try. I think the curls aren't getting defined enough in the shower is the thing. Because I can tell if my hair is going to look good when my hair is still wet, whether or not the curls are already defined. My fear is sometimes I'm taking the conditioner out of areas too early or something like that, I think this prevents that. I think her clip thing in the last video would also help to make sure I'm doing it long enough.

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