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So it's not a product but I didn't know where to put this exactly lol. I just found an (free) app called think dirty shop clean. Basically you can scan a product, including hair products, and it gives you a rating on how "clean" it is based on the ingredients. I've found it really helpful in choosing products because it also lists all the ingredients in a drop down menu with a description of what they are/do. So for anyone like me who has a hard time remembering cg ingredients to look for or avoid it's a useful tool. The database has been hit and miss for me so far, they didn't have an entry for any kinky curly or Eden bodyworks but they definitely had all the drugstore brands I use. I'm hoping that with time the database will expand as they also have a way for you to submit product info on the ones their missing. ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1407637842.206325.jpg





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    I do think you picked the right place to put this! I had a friend at college show me the app during a shopping trip, and I did think it was cool.

    They don't have a version for Android yet, though (at least as far as I know).
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna look for this.
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    thanks for this! 👌👍
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    I just starting using this app bc I read this post! It has KCCC (which I also bought 2 days ago and sooo happy I did - my hair loves it - and has a good rating on Think Dirty. I have been buying healthier products since using the app but most shampoos and antiperspirants (I refuse to be sweaty!) are not looking good. I alternate between Deva Care (rated poor) and SM products (rated good!), but use Millcreek Aloe (rated poor) to clarify weekly. TN condish and Matrix gel are also not rated well... Still working on my FSG optimization, too, which is fun!

    Does anyone have any green-rated CG lowpoos??

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