Youtubers Vs. Sylists

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Funny we were just talking on Say It about some of the crap on YT when I came across this article.

Hair Stylists Vs. YouTubers: the Fine Line of Expertise

My thoughts are people need to have common sense while watchin YT..On the other hand since I don't use chemicals or straighten my hair and I never do weave, the only way I would even consider going to a stylist is for a major hair cut. I haven't let anyone touch my hair since my bc and my mom did that. Any other thoughts? Is YT taking the place of licensed professionals and is that good, bad. dangerous?
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:


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    I love yt as far as how to vids and tutorials go. I think its great. I learned a ton of stuff just from lookin at yt. I do not feel that it will take over the jobs of ppl who actually go thru schooling and the like to gain an actual licence to practice. Some ppl still dont mind paying to have something done that they already kno how to do. for example, i kno how to shape an fill in my eye brows, i can tweezer them when they grow wild an crazy. However, i still pay to get them thredded once in a while. The eye brow tech i go to does a great job an sometimes im too lazy to do it myself. I can sew my own hair in but not every style can be easily done on my own so its ok to pay someone else to do it every now and then.
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    I can put it another way.

    Most people who have properties do things themselves to fix them up. One way of finding whether it's within your capabilities to do something is to do some research including watching YouTube videos. If it isn't then you hire a professional.

    I see YouTube hair videos the same way. They are part of research in how to do something and a way of checking whether something is within your capabilities. If it isn't then you can go to a professional.

    I have family who can safely do weaves, and others who can put in braid extensions. They know that they wouldn't be able to give someone highlights as it's not within their capabilities so won't do it.

    The main issue with YouTube and other internet sites on any topic is they state certain things are facts when the thinking has long been scientifically disproved or where junk science from the beginning.
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    I would love to go to a responsible and knowledgable stylist, but after about 20 years of off-and-on going to different stylists, I am done. They do not know how to do my hair or they do not have good customer service. I've made peace with that.

    I know that the good stylists exist out there who can handle natural kinky hair, I just do not live where they are.

    There is a salon in my city that focuses on natural hair, but only if you wear your natural hair straight (they do "amazing, almost-like-a-relaxer" straightening there w/o chemicals). But since I do not want to flat iron my hair, they do not recommend me their salon.

    So, in 2012 when I found makeup and hair tutorials on YT, I was excited! I take it like I take when my cousin (the weave and braid-whisperer of the family) says something is "super easy to do." Maybe she can do it and maybe it works for her, but it may not work for me.

    The only thing I've been able to replicate so far is a twistout, and that's enough for now! I make some of the hair mists I see if I have ingredients on hand, but after the avocado fiasco I've had, I stay away from any DIY that involves blenders LOL.

    Real Talk:
    (1) Some salons do not even cater to women with relaxed afro-textured hair unless a "special stylist" is in because they recognize Black hair is different from their usual clients', especially in predominantly non-Black neighborhoods. How common is it for a woman or man living in Lexington, KY to walk into a QuickCutz or whatever and get her/his natural afro-textured hair trimmed?
    Many of us are now living in areas where stylists that want to do our hair are hard to come by, so we make do to teach ourselves.

    (2) Some salons are full of Black women who do relaxers only, and their lesson plans in school did NOT cover how to treat natural afro-textured hair (outside of pressing it or texturizing it). You can get additional certifications, but again, you have to really look around and do consultations to find out if that stylist can do that. I do not know about other women, but I have only had a weave done in a salon twice in my life. The other times, I went to a girl's house somewhere. Many times, these girls had a cosmetology license, but the techniques they used for dealing with my afro hair was probably a far cry from what they used to get licensed. A license does not equal super stylist. A lot of stuff is learned on the ground with experience. Basic cosmetology licensure still uses straight Caucasian hair as the baseline (otherwise I imagine so many of my friends wouldn't only be getting their hair done on their family summer trips home in Japan or if we're talking a decade ago, Syria).

    (3) After 20+ years of being in the salon game: I do not want to a) be set on fire ever again, b) be left sitting in a chair for 1 hour while a woman has her lunch again, c) hear evil gossip about dark-skinned women in passing while having my hair done again, d) be sitting in a waiting area for 25-30 minutes over my appt time again, e) be in a salon for more than 4 hours again, f) get a headache from braiding again...and more. If there are stylists who can do better and are doing better with unique and innovative natural salons, they need to advertise themselves better and just as much as the YTers.

    I would love to color my 'fro (I posted a pick of author Terry McMillan in another forum) just a little bit, and I would rather have a pro do it--but my past experiences have taught me better. Until then, bring on the YT, the books, and the whatever.

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