Developing a Hair Regime for a New Natural Female

bbrink2009bbrink2009 Posts: 1Registered Users
How do I start/create a proper regime for a somewhat new natural hair female? I have
I have 4a type hair near the ends and 4b towards the top (picture below) So far, I've washed my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner every day, but that's dried out my hair. Am I supposed to co-wash and deep condition weekly and do low maintenance styles (bantu knots, twist outs, etc.) in between washes before I have my wash day, or can I shampoo & condition my hair weekly in addition to co-washing and deep conditioningAny suggestions would be great!


  • MouseyMouseMouseyMouse Posts: 16Registered Users
    I think you should try these methods out separately and see what you like. Some people cowash weekly and shampoo once a month but you have to decide what's work for your hair. I used to wash my hair whenever it felt itchy with apple cider vineager once a week, twice if I exercise. With deep conditioning I usually do it where my hair feels dry since I personally feel doing it every two weeks is enough, but you have to see what you like. And with styling twists out and Bantu knots are my styles since I can leave them out or do a pin up do or a puff. Good luck!

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