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Help! I have been sulfate-free for about 1.5 years now and use The Body Shop's Rainforest Moisture shampoo and V05 for conditioner. This combo has always worked for me, and I had gotten to the point where I only had to shampoo once or (at most) twice a week and could co-wash a couple times in between. I haven't been using products lately (last 1.5 weeks) because I've been lazy. My problem seemed to start when I went on vacation and the house we were staying in had a sulfur issue with the pipes (rotten egg smell and all that!). The showers also wouldn't stay warm for more than a minute. I'm thinking maybe I didn't get all the shampoo out? My friend and I both noticed that our hair felt way greasier than normal throughout the entire trip. I've been back for about 5 days now and washed my hair on Monday. Now it's Wednesday and it ALREADY is greasy at the scalp. I really don't know what to do. Does this sound like build-up? Should I use a clarifying shampoo? My question then would be does it take another few weeks for your scalp to re-adjust to not using a clarifying shampoo like it did the first time you go off sulfates? In another post I saw that I could use Yes To Cucumbers shampoo to clarify that that it didn't have to have sulfates. Should I try this? Thanks so much for any suggestions! This is so frustrating :/
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    YOu can actually use a diluted sulfate shampoo as opposed to full strength that might work just as well. Try like 1 tbsp or even 2 teaspoons to a cup of water. That would probably be clarifying enough. And I would definitely try clarifying. If that doesn't work maybe you should even look at a chelating shampoo. Maybe there were minerals in the water that are causing and issue.
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    I second the chelating shampoo. When water is a problem it's often the minerals.

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    Thanks!! Any suggestion for which chelating shampoo to try if clarifying doesn't work? To be honest, this is the first time I've even heard the term.
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    another recent thread that ends up discussing a few products and/or "home remedies" to chelate:
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    Awesome, thanks! I'll try the lemon wash tonight I think.
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